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What are Zomato Gold Offers? – About and Offers

What are Zomato Gold Offers? – About and Offers


Zomato Gold Offers is of restaurants and bars in Lisbon; your cell phone is worth gold

There are more than a thousand restaurants and bars where you can shine with Zomato Gold Offers.

We chose 25 in Lisbon to eat and drink with discounts. Just have your mobile phone handy.

It is a subscription plan (like Netflix or Spotify, but restaurants and bars – not movies, series, and music) perfect for those who believe that all excuses are great excuses for eating out and having a drink.

Subscribers can take advantage of unique promotions at partner restaurants.

They never pay for the second most expensive meal in the bars.

When ordering two drinks, they always have two of the same on offer.

During this time, golden boys can use and abuse Zomato Gold.

Every day, around the clock, without having to book in advance Zomato Gold Offers.

What are the Offers of Zomato Gold?

1. Fauna & Flora

It serves breakfast, lunch and brunches à la carte and is a great apologist for brinner (breakfast at dinner).

Since then, Fauna & Flora opened in December 2017 and has been at the top of the city’s most instagramable cafes.

Pancakes are the big stars of the menu (which also has a wide variety of bowls and toasts).

They are tall and fluffy, ranging from oat and banana with Greek yoghurt and homemade red fruit jam with dulce de leche, with peanut butter, bananas, roasted nuts and hot chocolate or matcha with lemon curd.

2. Casinha Boutique Café

The brand that has conquered the North for a long time – has four stores spread across Porto, Braga, Guimarães and Viana and serves one of the best brunches in Lisbon.

It includes a soup of the day or yoghurt with strawberry jam; a croissant or a scone with butter and jam; a sandwich or a plate of scrambled eggs; and a slice of cake, a cold drink and a hot one.

There are cheesecakes, pies, fresh juices outside of brunch, a plethora of brownie squares, savoury crepes, salads, pancakes, and homemade cakes.

  1. Early Birds

Whether an early bird or not, the café-restaurant at the foot of São Bento has breakfasts to serve, from the already very typical avocado toast to Benedict eggs, the house’s forte.

A franchise for a Moscow-only breakfast restaurant is the do-it-yourself menu, which they called Constructor.

First, they choose two eggs, which can be starred, scrambled, poached or in an omelette, and then two side dishes, including guacamole, grilled cheese, vegetable salad, tofu, pancakes, bacon, potatoes, grilled tomatoes or mushrooms.

With this comes a salad, cream cheese and slices of bread from the Copenhagen Coffee Lab bakery, with whom they have a partnership.

There are also three brunch menus.

4. The Croissant Boy

Whether by the ringing of the bell or the smell of hot croissants, it will not be difficult to find 91 Rua da Coelho da Rocha in Campo de Ourique.

This is where, since November 2017, one of the best examples of croissants in the city lives, under the responsibility of a young man named Manel Perestrelo.

There are sweet and savoury suggestions – from Valrhona chocolate or red fruits to ham, mushrooms or brie.

The croissant dough is also used to make pain au chocolat, and thin and crispy mini-palmiers come out of the ovens.

5. Montana Lisboa Café

When the New York fever of colourful bagels landed in Lisbon, Montana, Lisboa Café stepped up and coloured the meals of the alfacinhas.

But there is more at this riverside restaurant, one of the first to serve speciality coffee in the city: there are bars, there is craft beer with the Eighth Hill seal, and there is a brunch menu that includes pancakes, banana bread, and bolo do caco with avocado and egg.

6. Valdo Gatti

Said Time Out critic Alfredo Lacerda, after visiting the new Bairro Alto pizzeria:

“In the increasingly competitive championship of slices of baked bread with scenes on top, Valdo Gatti was the most exciting restaurant in recent times.”

At the organic pizza helm, the house is the pizzaiolo António Menghi, an Italian from the Apulia region, who treats the doughs that stay for at least 48 hours in a fermentation chamber are made with European grain imported from Italy.

Don’t leave without sweetening your mouth: for dessert, there is a beautiful tiramisù, chocolate cake and ice cream by Nannarella.

7. Casanostra

It has more than three decades of history but remains among the best Italians in the city.

Casanostra’s pasta and other Italian Piatti cuisines, in the heart of Bairro Alto, remain up-to-date, the grandmother’s decorated kitchen-style room remains charming, and even the service fails.

Decorate: burrata, trofie al pesto, ossobuco and zabaglione.

  1. Bella Ciao

From tablecloths to red checkered tablecloths, this little trattoria is a must for fanatics of authentic Italian food.

Marcello tries to make great pasta dishes in the Italian summer, such as spaghetti, bucatini, all amatriciana or gnocchi alla sorrentina.

Tiramisù is to go to heaven.

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Review What are Zomato Gold Offers? – About and Offers.

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