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What is Word Press? – Definition, Types, Components, and More

What is Word Press? – Definition, Types, Components, and More


Word Press is an open supply platform that works to make any form of a website.

From an easy weblog to a virtual store or a member portal.

Having a website on the WordPress Platform does not take so much time. Most of the customers prefer to have WordPress websites. They just Hire Developers and for a short time, they get a website.

Its quality is simple, some thirty-three. 5% of internet sites on the net use WordPress.

The best definition of it is that it’s a software package application for making and managing websites.

It conjointly has the peculiarity of being a free and open supply software package project.

It depends on the Foundation, a non-profit foundation, chaired by Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress.

What are the Types of WordPress?

Word Press has a pair of forms of WordPress have coexisted

1. The content manager

You will transfer from at no cost, it is an open supply, and anyone will install it on hosting.

It can be the version I take advantage of on this weblog.

2. The service from the corporate

Automattic that uses its version of WordPress is place at no cost on the company’s servers.

What are the Components of WordPress?

The three most vital parts of it that permit it to be such a robust tool are

1. Plugins

Plugins area unit plugins (software) that increase the capabilities and potentialities of WordPress to impossible limits. Whenever the plugin architecture isn’t stable or easily detachable, we at DevriX build custom WordPress plugins developed and tailored that solve your problems in the best way possible, optimized both for speed and user experience.

Plugins area unit wont to improve WordPress in numerous areas like promoting, social media, security, SEO, web design, content, internet traffic, etc.

2. Topics

Themes area unit templates that area unit utilized in WordPress to change the location’s looks and style.

There are unit incalculable free and “premium” (paid) themes facilitate adapt to any form of want and kind of online page.

It is best to take a position during a “premium” theme because it offers more style and customization potentialities.

3. Widgets

Widgets area unit small items of data that area unit utilized in Sidebars.

They assist provide additional user management over the planning and content of their website or weblog.

The widgets may be distended and utilized in alternative ways reckoning on the theme and plugins that the area unit put in.

How to Create Websites in WordPress?

These area units a number of the comes and kinds of a web site you will launch with WordPress.

Word Press was primarily a tool to make a web log many years agone, instead of other ancient websites.

  • Business websites
  • eCommerce stores
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes
  • Forums
  • Social networks
  • Membership sites
  • Corporate Pages
  • Virtual stores (e-commerce)
  • Capture Pages
  • Sale Letters
  • More “static” or ancient websites
  • Members areas

Why to Opt for WordPress?

  • It offers several blessings.
  • It is effortless to find out the way to use it and is accessible to any user
  • No technical, programming, or internet style information is needed to make an internet site
  • The user himself may do maintenance
  • Installation and configuration during a jiffy
  • Search engine friendly
  • Many style potentialities
  • It adapts to any form of want on the online

What may Websites be Creating with WordPress?

Everyone is aware that it is employing loads for making personal blogs.

It may be a frequent choice.

What is typically stunning is that the variety of internet sites of world-known brands that area unit supported WordPress.

In the “WordPress web site Showcase.”

You’ll be able to notice an inventory of internet sites of corporations that belong to the Fortune five hundred.

The list is printed annually by Fortune magazine with the five hundred US corporations with the very best exchange value.

Here you’ll notice corporations’ websites and make like a filmmaker, Time Magazine , Sony Music , etc.

Who Uses WordPress?

People, massive businesses employ WordPress.

On a quick note, we have a tendency to use WordPress.

Word Press the terrible website that you’re staring at once is hopped-up by WordPress.

Several different well-known entities use WordPress additionally.

Here part element a number of our favorite examples

  • gov
  • Microsoft
  • The Rolling Stones

What are the Features of WordPress?

· It Is a Free And Open supply

One of the enormous advantages is that it’s a free, ASCII text file software package.

Whereas you’ll pay a bit for hosting, you’ll ne’er have to be compelling to pay to use the software package.

That isn’t the case with alternatives like Squarespace.

· It is protractible

Even if you aren’t a developer, you’ll be able to modify your web site because of the vast scheme of themes and plugins:

Themes – these primary amendment, however your web site appearance.

Plugins – these primary amendment however your web site functions.

Plugins may be tiny, sort of a contact type, or massive, like making an Associate in Nursing eCommerce store.

· It is simple to put in

If you can click a couple of buttons, you’ll be able to install WordPress on your website.

Offer to preinstall for you, so your website is prepared to travel promptly.

Give you dedicated tools that build the install method beginner-friendly.

· It Is versatile

However, It is excellent because it allows you to produce just about any web site.

Better yet, your web site can even evolve with you.


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