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Why Successful Freelancers Use Project Management Tools

Why Successful Freelancers Use Project Management Tools

As a freelancer, your most important assets are your time and reputation. If you want to be successful, you’ll need to learn how to manage both of these extremely precious resources wisely to ensure that you can take on as many projects as possible while still maintaining your high-quality output.

One meaningful way that top freelancers do this is by using project management tools to manage their workloads and collaboration with clients from day to day.

Create projects easily

The best project management tools make it easy to create projects, assign tasks to others, and see everything in one place. They also connect to your favorite productivity tools, like email and calendars, so you can focus on getting stuff done instead of updating different programs. Fortunately, Hectic TM offers lots of options that do precisely that—and one of them is bound to be just right for you.

Increase efficiency with time tracking features

It’s no secret that successful freelancers are well organized. While having a system in place will help you stay on track, technology can also be a precious resource. Many of today’s project management tools allow you to save time and money with billable hours tracking, invoicing and payment reminders, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time managing your business.

Plus, they enable collaboration across teams without sacrificing security or data confidentiality. With enterprise-level tools available at affordable prices, freelancers make sense to take advantage of them!

Instant reports to keep your clients satisfied

Let’s face it: Clients can be a nightmare. When you think they’re happy, they change their minds and want more work done (or vice versa). To make your life easier, use project management tools to document each step of your process. You don’t want to waste time resending reports—or worse, having to explain what you did and why.

Fortunately, Hectic TM has tools designed for just that situation. Reports should include tasks assigned to each person on your team; timesheets; checklists; questions about revisions or additional work; or anything else that will help you keep clients happy and avoid confusion in the later stages of a project.

Easy billing

As a freelancer, your core job involves completing projects and delivering results for clients. But you have a bunch of other business responsibilities, too. These include invoicing clients on time, making payments to contractors as soon as possible, finding new customers and following up with current ones. These tasks can become incredibly time-consuming if they aren’t organized properly.

It makes sense to outsource these responsibilities to a project management tool that allows you to effectively manage projects from start to finish while keeping costs low. You don’t want to spend valuable hours managing every aspect of your business when you could focus on what matters most: delivering workable solutions for clients.

Easy collaboration

Freelancers can keep their team and clients in sync with project management tools without wasting time or energy. This way, everyone stays up-to-date on what they’re working on—and how close they are to hitting their deadlines. Clients love it because they know how far along a project is at any given time. And freelancers love it because it keeps them from constantly updating clients about their progress.


All in all, managing your freelancing business can seem like a daunting task. However, using project management tools will help you better manage your time and focus on the tasks at hand instead of letting small details slip through the cracks. With these project management tools for freelancers, you’ll have all you need to streamline your workflow and boost productivity, so get to work!

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