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The NCERT books are generally prescribed by the CBSE board to its students, especially for the students who have to appear in their board exams. The board exams of classes 10 and 12 play a significant role in every student’s life because the result of these two years builds the foundation for a student to choose a course as well as an institute for themselves. But to get good marks so that you can secure your seat in your dream institute is a major question that arises. It is the right study material and guidance that plays a significant role in scoring good grades. Many students keep on struggling for finding the appropriate study material and waste a lot of their time. The last-minute preparations usually lead to chaos and students end up ruining their peace of mind which leads to annoyance and suffering. The best solution for this problem is Infinity Learn where students can find the most appropriate study material as well as teachers to guide them. Students need to realize that NCERT books are more than enough for their CBSE board exams and can refer to the same during their board exams. Infinity Learn provides all NCERT solutions for different classes as well as subjects, so you do not have to look and refer to different sources to get the answers. Here, we shall discuss various reasons why students should refer to NCERT books while preparing for their exams.


NCERT BOOKS ARE PRESCRIBED BY CBSE BOARD: One of the most significant reasons why students are suggested to study from NCERT books is that these books are formulated in such a way that it contains content that is strictly related to the CBSE curriculum and the scope of the syllabus. In addition to this, it contains all the important topics that are important from the point of view of the competitive exams in which students generally appear after class 12 exams. Thus, if students prepare thoroughly from these books they will not only score well in their board exams but will also be able to crack the competitive exams.

EASY TO UNDERSTAND LANGUAGE: The language of NCERT books is quite simple and easy to understand. Even the most complex topics are explained in such an easy way that it gets directly into the head by reading once or twice, therefore students do not have to sit for hours and cram the difficult language. The NCERT books only focus on the key points of each topic, which saves much time for the students, which they would otherwise spend learning unnecessary topics that are not so important from the examination point of view.

FACILITATES QUICK REVISION: Before appearing in the exams, a thorough revision is mandatory to get good marks. Students must give sufficient time to their revision so that the concepts do not mess up in their minds. The NCERT books are best for this purpose because each topic’s description is quite specific and thus the students can easily go through each topic while they are preparing and make sure that no topic is left unrevised.

AUTHENTIC INFORMATION IS GUARANTEED: The information that these books imbibe within them is highly authentic, which is monitored by various experts and researchers before it is printed. The NCERT books are designed by a group of experts and experienced people and thus, it provides reliable information and the students can easily trust the authenticity of the information provided.

EVERY IMPORTANT TOPIC IS DISCUSSED: NCERT books contain all the important fundamentals that are necessary to be known to understand various concepts are that provided in the scope of the syllabus. When the students are aware of the basics, it becomes easier for them to comprehend the concepts more easily and quickly. Moreover, when your basics are strong enough, you can understand the topics in-depth and answer the question in whatever form it is framed and presented to you.

EXPLAINED ILLUSTRATIONS AND EXAMPLES: In theoretical subjects, there are relevant and well-explained examples quoted along with every topic that provides a better understanding to the students. In the case of practical subjects, there are a good number of illustrations with properly and stepwise solved solutions. The illustration related to all questions is generally provided so that the students do not face any problems while solving the exercise questions. Moreover, there are so many illustrations and exercise questions that after solving them the students can solve any question that they get in their board exams.

Thus, these are some of the benefits of studying from NCERT books, especially while preparing for class 10 and 12 board exams. Infinity Learn is one of the most trusted and used study sites used by the students as it not only provides NCERT solutions but also previous year question papers, sample papers, as well as there are experts to solve the doubts and queries of the students in case it arises.

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