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When Can You Sue a Nursing Home for Negligence?

When Can You Sue a Nursing Home for Negligence?

The decision of filing the lawsuit after nursing home injury and explaining death will be very challenging. You might worry about the legal fees, retaliation, and expenditure of energy and time at personal & family stress. You will be interested in looking at your loved one’s state of mourning than looking after that legal action.

But, remember if any loved one of yours has suffered any harm due to negligence in the long-term care unit and do nothing about this, the same problems will happen to even other residents. Suing nursing homes and assisted living facilities will be one kind of activism, protecting your wellbeing of the current & future elderly or disabled people living out there. This cannot be done by you alone and you will need to hire a professional nursing home negligence attorney. Make sure you hire the professional lawyer who has got experience of handling such case. 

What Are Signs That I Can Have Claim on Nursing Home Negligence?

Knowing if the nursing home is liable for any kind of negligence will be tricky. It is because signs of nursing home abuse & neglect will be tough to know if you do not know what you must look out for. Therefore, you must be aware of the common signs of nursing home neglect.

Some common signs are:

  • Broken bones,
  • Bruising,
  • Malnutrition,
  • Bedsores,
  • Weight loss,
  • Dehydration,
  • Change in mood,
  • Lack of care and hygiene provided,
  • Trouble in locating staff members and
  • Depression

Suppose you notice and suspect any above signs, you must contact the nursing home negligence attorney right away.

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Take Right Action Against the Nursing Home Negligence

If neglect happens, you must act fast as well as decisively to prevent any further harm. Your first action will be reporting any kind of incident of neglect to your facility administrators and authorities. Suppose reports get ignoring or the issue isn’t addressing promptly, the next step will be getting legal help from the experienced lawyer.

The nursing homes will be held liable for any kind of harm that residents have suffering because of their neglect. In the cases where a resident has died due to the actions and inaction of nursing home staff, the wrongful death lawsuit will be filed by the lawyer.

Negligent Hiring

The nursing homes have got the duty of care in hiring employees who are trustworthy and offer safe care. Suppose it hires an employee who is neglecting, abusing, and intentionally harming the patient or fails to train or supervise the employees adequately, they can be named as the defendant in the lawsuit for such negligence.

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Failure in keeping premises safe & free from hazards

This will include actions like preventing any fall accidents and preventing your resident from attacking each other. Suppose the nursing home unit or staff members are totally aware of some dangers or must be aware of some hazards or fail to take the right action to prevent any injury, they can be liable with help of the nursing home negligence lawyer.

Negligent care

Grounds for the lawsuit against the nursing home, the staff, and medical providers who offer care there’s a lack of adequate medical treatment. Suppose the resident isn’t provided with what’s considering as a standard of care in these circumstances and harm, the can face a medical malpractice lawsuit. Suppose your loved one has received some medical care at the home, which caused injuries and damages, you must speak with the professional nursing home negligence attorney at the earliest.

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