What Will Be The Role Of AI In The Automobile Industry?

The Automobile Industry: Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to change the world in so many different ways. It has found use in Industries and even right within the home. There is greater efficiency in the processes. Through digital applications, machines take over decision-making and task performance.

The automobile industry is also adapting the use of artificial intelligence. There are some exciting innovations to look forward to. Autonomous cars, for example, will revolutionize the transport industry.

With connectivity, Smart cars will become the norm, like in the case of smart homes. Our article will explore the role of AI in the automobile industry. Let’s see what we can expect.

How AI Will Impact the Automobile Industry

Visit any car dealerships in your area, and you may see some exciting AI trends. So, what impact will the technology have on the auto industry?

1.Better Road Safety

Accidents are standard features on the road. Sometimes it may be something beyond human control. Other times it could be due to driver errors. Fatigue, drunk driving, and even specific medications can cause such.

AI will make a difference with driver-assist features. Such include monitoring for blind spots and collision detection capabilities.

Lane monitoring and pedestrian detection will also give alerts in case of any danger. It will allow drivers to take pre-emptive action, thus better road safety.

Driver monitoring software keeps an eye on the driver. It will detect things like drowsiness and head position. Others allow for the use of gestures to control features in the car. If you have noticed any issue with these features then it is needed to supplant the machine, you can arrange the enhanced one accessible at Aside from this, they can assist you with recognizing the affected piece of the vehicle.

2. Higher Efficiency in Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing already enjoys the benefits of manufacturing robots. Such have played an essential role in creating higher efficiency. But, robots do not have increased capabilities like decision-making.

Some of the bigger players have the financial capacity to include AI in their processes. Even the smaller players will have to invest in keeping up with the high competition.

The ROI will, in the long run, make the investment worthwhile. The modern consumer is more demanding of high-quality products. Smart machines can detect errors during the production process.

Industry practices are leaning towards sustainability and waste reduction. Firms are also looking for ways to changed charges without compromising quality. Human labour is expensive. Yet, you still have to deal with mistakes that arise from human fallibilities.

3. Self-Driving or Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles may very well become a standard feature on the roads. It is also one of the areas generating a lot of interest from customers and companies alike.

Tesla, NVIDIA, and Google Waymo are already working on such. Imagine the impact such technology will have on the logistics and transport industry.

Fleet owners will enjoy higher efficiency and output. Once they invest in the technology, they remove the recurring cost of human drivers.

4. Impact of AI on the Value Chain

There is no part of the automotive value chain that will not enjoy the benefits of AI. The chain comprises manufacturing, transportation, and service. In manufacturing, AI is applicable in design, supply, production, and post-production.

When looking at transportation, it covers areas like driver-assist, autonomous driving. Risk assessment and even monitoring are others.

For services, AI will assist in things like predictive maintenance and even insurance. Imagine never having to deal with vehicle breakdowns. The car will alert you of any potential problems.

Insurance companies get real-time access to risk factors. It helps speed up claims processing. Technologies even allow the driver to carry out damage assessments on vehicles.

Such technology is already in use in China. Drivers apply for real-time Insurance claims in case of emergency.

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5. Impact of AI in Marketing

Modern consumers like convenience and information whenever and wherever they need it. The automobile industry is taking notes and responding well. Online showrooms have become a new trend.

From the relief of your living room, you can shop for a vehicle. It happens with the use of virtual and augmented reality. Customers can test-drive vehicles without actually being in one. They also get to see different perspectives of the vehicle.

The experience is the same as it would a physical product. Porsche, for example, has an app that lets you see and test drive the latest models. Companies like BMW, Toyota, and Audi also have visual showrooms.

The use of data will also help with better marketing and growth forecasts. By understanding customer preferences, machines can make recommendations resulting in better sales.

It also allows for targeting of ads for better visibility.

6. Connected Vehicles

Think about all the functionalities you enjoy in your smart home. Now imagine having that and so much more in your smart car.

You may have heard of the Mercedes-Benz user experience. It is an intelligent and intuitive multimedia system that uses artificial intelligence. The driver can personalize different functionalities according to their preference.

Drivers use touch screens, touchpads, and natural speech to control the different features. Now, here is where it gets interesting.

Over time, the car will learn the driver’s behaviour and be able to predict their wishes. It can, for example, select your favourite radio station without any input from you.

Connected cars allow for greater interaction between the driver and the vehicle. Voice control systems and hand gestures will reduce distractions when driving—no more fiddling with the radio knobs to search for your preferred station.

Internet of Things allows for connection with enabled devices. The infotainment and information exchange will improve. Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication will improve with connectivity.

Let’s say you manage a fleet of vehicles. You can use the real-time information to reroute the cars. Information on traffic congestion or route blockages can help you take pre-emptive steps.

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Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence plays a huge role in the automobile industry. Every bit of the value chain can benefit. Manufacturing processes will see higher efficiency, better productivity, and higher-quality products.

We can expect fewer accidents on the roads by eliminating human mistakes. Features like voice and gesture control will reduce driving distractions. Predictive maintenance will ensure that your vehicle is always in good running order.

It an exciting space to watch. Industry players will try to outdo each other in innovations around AI.

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