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What does It take to Deliver A Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

What does It take to Deliver A Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

Do you often find yourself wondering about the effectiveness of your email marketing strategies for eCommerce? Your audience might have many other companies vying for their attention. To keep competitors at bay, marketers need to know the ins and outs of email marketing to do it right. Finding the right way to reach the customer and pique their interest is the first step. 

In this guide, we outline some of the most crucial steps in email marketing campaign. By the end, you could equip your marketing arsenal with better lead generation and customer engagement skills. 

Create Targeted Email Lists

Converting the people that visit your website into viable subscribers is the best way to create a targeted email list. These people will act as qualified leads that might become your paying customers tomorrow. 

The unfortunate truth, however, is that most people leave a website without signing up. To bypass this, you can use exit-intent popups to detect the customer’s behaviour and throw a targeted campaign their way just as they start to leave the page.

Set Meaningful Goals

Everything related to marketing starts with goal setting, as thinking about your objectives is an important part of the process. These goals can include getting new signups, increasing customer engagement, providing value to existing subscribers, winning back ex-customers, segmenting your subscriber lists, etc. Another goal setting tactic involves setting email marketing goals based on your desired conversion rates. It is a good idea to know about these things even if you have opted to hire email campaign management services.

Familiarize Yourself with Email Types

Before you send them out, make sure you understand the different types of emails that exist. These can include promotional emails which contain coupon codes and offers, relational emails that give subscribers promised things such as gifts, information etc. the last type are transactional emails which constitute welcome messages, signup confirmations, acknowledgements etc. These are usually a response to a subscriber’s actions that they took on your webpage.

Find Out About your Audience

If you are a beginner in the email marketing field, you need to do some homework on your target audience. For that, you start with making the customers fill up a sign-up form when you first launch the campaign. In this case, as the next round of emails approaches, you will have some data for use. You can also collect data from Google analytics on parameters such as location, demographics, interests etc. This approach is a useful insight into who your customers truly are and will eventually be the stepping stone for your email marketing campaign.

Make Use of Technology

Any good email marketing service will offer innovative tools that can help with a variety of things. These include campaign creation, automation of workflows, software integrations, Google Sheets Hubspot integration subscriber list segmentation, analytics etc. Smart use of technology can also help with otherwise repetitive tasks such as scheduling transactional emails, creating promotional content and responding to customer queries.

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Create Opt-Ins

To have a successful email campaign, you need to have people on your mailing list. That will be possible if you put out eye-catching opt-in forms to encourage signups. These can either appear as soon as a viewer arrives on the webpage (welcome gate) or blank out the content for a while to make way for a popup (lightbox popup). In addition, an exit-intent popup appears when people are exiting the page and are considered to be options too.

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Schedule Follow-up Emails promptly

Once you are clear on the type of email and your audience’s behaviour, plan the next course of action. This timing can help you figure out what you want the customer to do. Do you need them to follow your social media pages or sign up for an event? Or do you want them to purchase items from your website? When you are creating emails for the same, keep them relevant and timely. 

Gentle reminders and follow-ups don’t mean that you bombard the customer with email content. Set up a schedule and stick to it to avoid being sent to the spam folder.

Focus on the Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing a reader sees in an email. Hence the subject line must be crisp, informative, and relevant to the customer. Think of it as the headline of a newspaper article. Be creative to ignite the customer’s curiosity. Subject lines should ideally be about 41 to 50 characters and should stay true to the brand’s message. To boost customer engagement, you can even consider adding the customer’s name in the subject line. In short, get creative, avoid being wordy, and you will be good to go.

Utilize these tactics to deliver a successful email marketing campaign for any domain. It is essential to follow them to the tee to deliver the goods.

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