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What are the three types of airport planning – and that suits you?

What are the three types of airport planning – and that suits you?

Introduction: What is airport planning?

Airport planning is such a complex process that analyzing an activity does not provide any acceptable solutions without considering the effects on other activities. An airport comprises a variety of activities with different and often contradictory requirements. However, they depend on each other, so only one action can limit the capacity of the entire complex. In the past, the initial plans for the airport. Based on local aviation requirements.

Three types of airport planning

We must first understand the planning phenomena when we talk about airport planning. The planning of the airport company is defined by the duration of future management, which considers it is planning. This duration in the future means a planning horizon.

Different planning efforts require different philosophies. For example, organizational planning of the personnel level can require a pH value of 3 months for the airport operation, but certainly not a 20 -year pH value. On the other hand, planning the installation of an airfield (route construction) requires at least one pH value of 5 years and not a pH value of less than one year.

Different types of airport planning studies. Insert three of these planning phases.

  • System Planning
  • Master Planning
  • project Planning

The planning of the airport system is a planning effort that considers that a collection of airports at the local / state / regional or national level should complement each other as part of a coordinated air transport system.

1 Thanks to the planning of the air conditioning systems, the goals of the individual operation of the airport following the needs of a municipality are determined by defining the mission of each air conditioning system. The aim is to target air conditioning in a region to manage international commercial travelers and another air conditioning system to manage general aviation surgery.

2, The airport master plan is a document that attracts the proposed development of the air conditioning system to meet future needs. In the master’s most important trade airports, the master’s planning is a formal and complex process that coordinates important construction projects over 20 years.

3, at the small airport, the leading planning of some employees with other tasks that rely on external consultants for specialist knowledge and support could be responsible. The master plan could be a straightforward document prepared on-site with consultants at tiny airports where the capital improvements are minimal.

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