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Web+: Web App Service

Web+: Web App Service

Web + is a fully managed web application service offered by Alibaba Cloud. It is a comprehensive framework that supports the delivery of Web, API, and mobile applications. Web + is based on the PAAS architecture and offers developers a simple approach to deploy, manage, scale, and monitor their application without worrying about infrastructure issues and dependencies. This flexible, efficient and secure architecture built on Alibaba’s sophisticated cloud platform.

Web App Service is highly scalable and integrates tools that have set industry standards. One of the most important points here is language support, as a developer seeks help for the programming language of their choice.

When it comes to language support, Web + is highly customisable. It supports a wide variety of languages, including Ruby, Python, .Net Core, Java, Node.js, Go, PHP, and more. That said, developers can use open plug-ins provided by the Web + App service to support many more programming languages.

Web + or the Web App Service support service and important monitoring solutions. These solutions are integrated into the service and provide real-time monitoring of the delivery environment, performance, and overall system health. The application logs are available to download and analyse for more detailed planning and deployment scenarios.

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Fully Managed Service

Web + is a PAAS platform as a service. This means that Alibaba Cloud provides all the necessary resources such as ECS, SLB, Cloud Monitor, database, content planning template CDN or object storage service and takes care of the entire configuration and administration. All you have to do is to load the application packages.

Multiple Programming Languages

The Web App Service currently supports many programming languages ​​, and the list is growing every day. If you develop in a language that is not yet supported, you can use any available plug-in to implement your chosen language. Since this service supports many open source plug-ins, you shouldn’t have any problems implementing their use.

Connector System

Web + is a very diverse service. You can easily connect it to any infrastructure and deployment environment to run applications. You can also develop plug-ins and use them with the Web App Service to connect them to another service.

Automatic Configuration And Version Management

The Alibaba Cloud Web App service works with the desired state-of-the-art resource planning for provisioning and automatically coordinates resources based on the presented environment. Once an application deployed, the Web + service provides version control capabilities. You can easily manage your deployed applications and use different versions of the application in the event of problems.

API and Environment Templates

With the support of configuration specifications through the templates for the deployment environment, the Web + service supports API integration through the API gateway service. The Web Application Service supports and enables you to develop your development tools and integrate your custom script.

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Supported Regions

In supported regions, the India (Mumbai) data centre supports provisioning using the Web App Service. That makes it a gold mine for people looking to deploy applications in India.

Here is a list of all Supported Regions:

Country City Data-Center Name
China (Shanghai) Shanghai cn-shanghai
Singapore Singapore ap-southeast-1
India (Mumbai) Mumbai ap-south-1
Australia (Sydney) Sydney ap-southeast-2
China (Hong Kong) Hong Kong cn-hongkong

Insights from the Developer’s Perspective

Every developer working in India knows the challenges of maintaining application availability. A robust platform like the Web App Service bridges most of the gaps in application content delivery. The Content Delivery Network (CDN) has been integrated into the Web App Service framework and optimises delivery and resource management.

Another challenge is to serve various companies and applications. Defining and doing small, medium or large companies within the Indian developer scene is a cause for thought. In this scenario, distributed resources may be the most straightforward and most direct answer for medium and large business applications.

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Environment | Deployment Configuration | Strategies

The web application service has a unique collaboration of resources such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and Server Load Balancer (SLB) that run an application.

The web application service enables you to run the same version or different versions of the same application simultaneously in multiple different deployment environments. However, you can only deploy one version of the application in each environment.

With Web +, the version of the deployment package is an essential reference. When an application deployed, version information identifies it, and this reference used to refer to executable code for the application. Why is that important? If you are integrating Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI / CD) or using traditional application hosting methods, you need reference data to different versions of the same application.

This is basic functionality of Web +. Version control plays a chief role in the entire development and deployment cycle and enables application rollback or feature management.

Multiple kinds of the same application can load in different deployment environments. This data can use to evaluate an application and any key metrics.

Settings | Strategy

When an application is programmed to deploy, the web application service pre-configures the server-side resources to match the resources required to run your application. These resources are available in the deployment environment for use by the application.

Web + has three pre-configured modes that the user can choose from low cost, high availability and personalised mode. As the names suggest, the low-cost model designed to save costs with its implementation. This mode only provides important or critical resources to the process so that your application can run smoothly. High availability mode ensures that all application resources are available in the development environment to maintain high availability. This mode can use when you anticipate heavy traffic and want to keep high availability for your application. In custom mode, users can choose the resources they wish to provision at their discretion. You can also select software counterparts.

When that configuration is submitted, Web +, the provisioning environment configuration passes all necessary parameters and automatically redeploys the application based on the new configuration and parameters you offered.


Web +, the Alibaba Cloud web application service, is a PaaS service that works as a coding platform on an infrastructure. This service provides users with endless benefits and an architecture to deploy their applications without worrying about orchestrating back-end resources. Support for products like Identity and Access Control (RAM) makes it one of the most desirable services to work for. Web + is establishing itself in the SDLC product zone, where DevOps implementation is a viable scenario, and most current trends and practices followed.


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