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Ways To Hide Your IP Address

Ways To Hide Your IP Address


Your location is saved every time you go online. Your IP address, as opposed to your mailing address, indicates where you are located online. Every IP address is distinct, like a digital fingerprint, making it simple to identify your online activities.

Even while you might believe that this doesn’t matter to you because you don’t access unlawful websites or carry out illegal acts online, the truth is that once someone knows your IP address, they will also know your Internet service provider and can quickly locate your physical location. It’s critical for your privacy and security to mask your IP address because doing so can put you in danger.

Why hide your IP address?

Everything that needs your IP address to function, including the website you browse and the streaming service you use, collects it. Should you disclose your original IP address, even though possessing one is necessary? Is there a reason to keep it secret? Let’s investigate more to get the answer.

  • Stop Websites From Tracking

Your location of IP is used by many websites to monitor you and gather information about you. Although they might watch your online behavior or utilize a service that requires your real IP address to function, they won’t necessarily misuse this information.

  • Keep Online Activity Private

If you’ve ever used incognito mode in a browser, you probably feel more secure knowing that no one can see what you’ve been perusing. That may be true, but it only safeguards activity on your computer. Your search history will never truly be private if you continue to share your IP address. Your IP address still makes it easy to learn about your browsing habits and history, and, probably, your ISP is also keeping track of this data.

  • Stop Cybercriminals

Why make it simpler for them by disclosing your IP address when cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new ways to attack their victims. Your gadget is vulnerable to a variety of manipulations if the incorrect person learns . They might prevent you from accessing particular websites or participating in activities like commenting or communicating online. Additionally, if they choose to, they may attempt to obtain more private information about you or even attack your network with malicious material.

  • Access Streaming Services

Did you realize that if you pay for a streaming service like Netflix or another, you can only access the content within your nation? This is due to the fact that your service eligibility is determined by your IP address. Additionally, it implies that you cannot access the paid-for content if you travel outside the country. But by concealing, you can make the streaming provider believe that you are still in your country of residence, enabling you to use the service you have already paid for.

  • Bypass Network Restrictions

Using online limitations, many employers and institutions of higher learning regulate how their staff or students use the Internet. For instance, you might not be able to use your business computer at work to access your social network account. You can get past these limitations by just masking your IP address because they are all predicated on it.

Ways to Hide your IP

  • Use a VPN

The term “VPN” refers to a software or application service that encrypts all data received to and from the Internet and routes it through a VPN server in a different location. Because the VPN server functions as a go-between for your device and the Internet, online apps and websites only see the IP address of the server and not your own.

The majority of VPNs are paid subscription services with monthly costs of a few dollars for access to hundreds or even thousands of servers throughout the globe. Consider using a free VPN if all you need is to alter. All you have to do is register and download the applications for your gadgets. After that, it only requires a few clicks to hide. Simple to do.

  • Use Proxy

Between your device and the Internet, a proxy serves as an intermediary server. Simply download a proxy browser extension or go to a secure web proxy and type in the URL of the website you want to access. When using a proxy, your traffic is diverted through the proxy server rather than directly to the website you want to visit. Your content is then forwarded to you by the proxy, who visits the website on your behalf. The website sees the proxy server’s IP address rather than your actual IP address. You can access a proxy server quickly by visiting certain websites known as “proxies.”

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When masking your IP address, it’s crucial to use a reputable solution because some are riskier and less dependable than others. You should avoid using a technique that dramatically slows down your internet connection or makes your data available to uninvited third parties.


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