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VPS vs Dedicated Hosting: 7 Differences

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting: 7 Differences

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting: As a business owner, you have two main choices for professional website hosting: VPS hosting, such as Liquid Web VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. However, though both have high-grade services, they do not provide the same perks, which will ultimately affect how well one or the other fits your company’s goals.

In fact, there are seven key differences between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting, which you first need to understand to make the better choice for you.

7 Differences between VPS vs Dedicated Hosting


As a budding business that anticipates an increase in website traffic as it grows, VPS hosting enables you to expand your storage and bandwidth as needed by simply upgrading your plan for maximum scalability.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting is mainly preferred for its powerful ability to handle loads of traffic with greater consistency.


With VPS hosting, your site’s page load speeds and traffic capacity are heavily dependent on the number of other users that access the server simultaneously, which can slow your service during traffic spikes.

Meanwhile, with dedicated hosting, you have an exclusive server; hence, you benefit from the maximum speed and full traffic volume capability it offers.


Security is undoubtedly the biggest reason that businesses choose VPS or dedicated hosting because of the extra measures these services take to protect their clients.

However, with VPS hosting, since other sites are also hosted on the server, it means your site is still at minimal risk of a security breach should another site encounter a cyber-attack as opposed to dedicated hosting where no one else shares your server.

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Both hosting types also offer managed and unmanaged hosting. However, with VPS unmanaged hosting, the client still has some criteria that they must follow to protect the integrity of their services, whereas, with unmanaged dedicated hosting, the client has complete control.


Since dedicated hosting means the entire server, bandwidth, and Ram are yours, it means you get more resources than VPS hosting in which whoever needs the resources more will get it.

Server Support

Though both web hosting types offer excellent customer support to their clients, the support provided by dedicated hosting companies tends to be of higher quality due to the premium service.


The exclusive services provided by dedicated hosting means it also costs more, whereas the price for VPS hosting typically starts at $50; hence it may be more suitable for smaller businesses.

In the end, if you like what dedicated hosting has to offer but not the high cost that comes with it, according to Liquid Web, “…managed VPS hosting options are ideal solutions if you require the control of a dedicated server but need to keep your costs down.”

Otherwise, if you are still not sure which hosting solution may be best for you, you can always reach out to the hosting company’s support team, who will be more than happy to assist you with finding a proper fit.

Review VPS vs Dedicated Hosting: 7 Differences.

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