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What is Video Chat? – Information about Chat and Video Chat.

What is Video Chat? – Information about Chat and Video Chat.

Video Chat

Technology for conducting audio and video interaction in real-time between users at disparate locations.

Video chat are typically conducting via a computer, tablet, or smartphone device (also called video chatting).

They may involve point-to-point (or one-to-one) interaction, as in FaceTime and Skype, or multipoint (or one-to-many) interaction, as in the typical case of Google Hangouts.

Related definitions:

  • However, Videoconferencing, Video conferencing software, FaceTime. At the same time, video chatting is often used interchangeably with the term videoconferencing.
  • And there is considerable overlap between the two — in most cases, videoconferencing refers to multipoint (3 or more participants) audio and video interaction deployed in a business setting.
  • In contrast, video chatting most frequently refers to one-to-one video calls made via software apps like Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Video Chat, and ooVoo.


It is a conversation carrying out by computer means. The word chat is an Anglicism used to describe this type of exchange. Chatting is then the fact of participating in this type of conversation

In any type of chat worth its salt, it should see that elements such as the keyboard, emoticons, or the text tools play a fundamental role.

In general, the notion of chat is using to name the exchange of written messages instantly. That is when a user reports the news and sends it. The recipient receives it immediately. The same happens if the user leaves his message in a public room.

It leads us to differentiate between private chat (which occurs between two or more people but in a virtual environment. Whose limits are defined by the member) and public conversation (where everyone who enters the room can read the messages).

In addition to this differentiation, we would have to clarify that there are other varied types of chats. Among the most significant are the following:

In real-time:

  • As its name suggests, it is the chat that allows two users to converse through instant messages. They can include not only text but also images or emoticons, for example.

Commercial chats:

  • Which are those that allow communications between a company and its client or between two companies. Giving information or solving problems is why those exist. That is, they have the mission that an entity offers a good service.
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  • Video chat is a variation of traditional chat services. Allowing communication over the internet between various users with audio and video capabilities.
  • Video chat is calling by public videophone. In chat rooms, participants transfer what their live webcam captures to other participants
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