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Up and coming Mechanisms to Substitute into your Manufacturing Process

Up and coming Mechanisms to Substitute into your Manufacturing Process

Sometimes if it isn’t broken you don’t need to scramble to fix it! However, in the complex and ever-changing world of manufacturing, you might find that there are plenty of ways to improve your existing manufacturing process. After all, the more that you can improve your existing manufacturing process, the faster, cheaper, and more efficiently you can get your items to the customers who need them. Plus you can keep up with all of the latest trends and demands as well.

Here are some of the newest pieces of technology and changing mechanisms that you can add to your manufacturing process right now in order to change it and get ahead of the curve before your competitors beat you to the punch!

1. Ultrafast 3D Printing

While it seems like 3D printing is something that has a born place in the world of manufacturing, you’d be surprised. Despite the advantages of being able to print anything you can code into a computer out of plastic, as well as all the advantages that can provide, it is a very slow process and is also very expensive. So 3D printing got beaten out by most of the traditional forms of manufacturing and just isn’t used.

However, various companies are starting to find ways to get around the slow limitations of 3D printing, making 3D printing faster and much more viable to be used in traditional manufacturing as well. While the technology is still very up and coming, it is something manufacturers who are interested in 3D printing should keep an eye on.

2. Wave Springs

This product is actually very popular in the world of manufacturing, because as the technology the world demands gets smaller and more compact, the parts needed to make that technology need to grow smaller and more compact as well. In the world of springs, there is a compression spring that is used in a lot of machines and every day objects, but it is very big. Or at least it was until the smalley wave spring came into the picture. 

The wave springs have all the same power as a compression spring and can exert all the same pressure as a compression spring, but they can do it while being half the size and a lot more customizable than the normal compression springs. This allows manufacturers and designers to create the small devices and machines that the world demands, while also spending less money and taking less time on the manufacturing process.

3. The Smart Factory

Yes, nearly every factory has some level of artificial intelligence and computerized systems running it now, but if you thought that AI and robots were intrusive in manufacturing now, well, they are only going to get more advanced as the world ticks on and becomes more advanced. Smart factories will include AI and automation in every single step of the process, cutting down design time and putting the customer in control of what they want while giving them the fast service that they desire. 

Additionally, one AI-driven service that is being used is predictive maintenance, where an AI system is analyzing every aspect of the manufacturing process, and then looks to see where systems and parts might fail. Once they find a problem with a system or part, they let the manufacturers know about it before the part fails and causes a full failure and a shutdown in the entire assembly line. 

This means that manufacturers can solve problems before they start with a little bit of maintenance and won’t need to deal with costly, expensive, and frustrating delays to the entire assembly line.

How To Add These New Mechanisms To Your Manufacturing Line

It can be very easy to fall into a rut whenever you are running a manufacturing line and everything is running smoothly. After all, if the items are getting out to their customers and nothing is too badly broken why even bother making an upgrade? However, you should always be researching for opportunities to figure out what parts of your manufacturing process can be improved, and what parts might need to be fully overhauled.

Then take advantage of those options and make the changes that need to be made and see what happens! You might find that you can take advantage of these up-and-coming mechanisms to pull ahead of your competitors and get in on the newest technological advances before anyone else does, which will give you some extra money and some extra marketing!

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