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Top UX Design Principles You Must Know In 2021

Technologies across various domains are changing rapidly, and so are the website design trends and practices. For such reasons, UX designers have to create website designs that will satisfy their customers. But to do so, they need to follow the UX design principles that assure your designs will get accepted by the users.

Checking out these trends/principles from same-to-same can permit designs to provide something more unique to all their clients or customers. Also, the UX designers are experienced enough to know how to use the UX design principles to design practical and virtually pleasing digital items and products. These principles focus on user experience and the design aesthetics.

Top UX Design Principles

With proper UX practices, you can create capable and robust products for all industries that will surely pay off. Here is a list of UX principles that will help in shaping the design needs for 2021 and facing the possible design challenges.

1.  Voice Activated Interface

These days, how users ask for information is changing quickly. Those days are long gone when people used to type in their queries. Individuals these days have to ask their respective questions through the voice command and get the reply back, in return.

This proves a much greater prevalence of chatbots and virtual assistance within the web designing realm. The voice-centric interface is still pretty new and requires a bit of time to master. But it will indeed remain intact in the future as well. Individuals can easily expect the design sector to take up the cue and develop a lot more journeys towards this particular principle within the upcoming time.

2.  Organic Shapes

Way back in 2019, one of the most-hottest UX principles was geometric shapes. In 2021, it’s all about organic shapes. Organic or fluid shapes are something that do not carry straight lines. You can think of them as visible shapes, such as trees, rivers, or even hills. Winding and asymmetrical designs are some of the things that will be a massive hit in 2021.

Using organic shapes is an excellent way to break down all the sections within websites without any harsh lines or angles. They also stand out to be pretty notable for their background. It’s similar to how Google utilizes a circle behind all the products within their homepage.

3.  The Accessibility

You cannot call inclusivity and accessibility a trend these days. It will be a design factor that’s always important. Having a website, which individuals with special care and need can access is the key to immersive customer service and excellent user experience. This can also help you reach a massive audience size, better conversion, and boost SEO. Accessibility is one of the best basic UX principles, and there are several of its elements coming in 2021. They are:

  • Creation of a stark distinction between text and background.
  • Usage of descriptive ALT tags for visuals.
  • The addition of focus indication, such as the rectangle-shaped boxes, appears around the links when using keywords.
  • Utilizing labels and interactions through form fields instead of less-context placeholder text.

4.  Micro Animation

Micro Animation stands out as the most unique and popular one among all the other lean UX principles. The Micro animation is related to small animation. But within a website design realm, little is not considered trivial. Micro animations stand out to be pretty helpful when you want to assist all the users through website communication.

Even though it delivers a seamless occurrence, they also provide a touch of playfulness to each of its users. Take, for instance, the Smashmallow website design. Here, the foremost purpose is to utilize the power of micro animation in the form of a trend to keep communication as short as possible. Doing so will ensure it doesn’t spoil the user’s journey or locate a place for their website design.

5.  Unique 2D Illustration

The illustration is currently sitting at the top of all the UX design principles and best practices in 2021, just like it did in 2020. But they are not that generic like before. Web designers employ minimalism for design. This enabled the designers to make web pages more comprehensible and less overloaded for the users. But in this digital era, all web designers are testing with various angles, storylines, and symmetries.

They are utilizing muted or bright shades and making the illustrations a lot fancier. The designer can use the SVG format for all their illustration work. When the screen resolution is increased, the image quality of JPEG, PNG, and GIF can get a lot more-worse. But using the SVG format will not cause such issues as you can decrease and increase the structure without losing the quality.

6.  Complex Typography

All web designers are well aware of how crucial it is to choose the correct font for an application, website, and product. Some customers even associate fonts with a specific brand or company. It’s because not a single individual would utilize “Roboto” if it wasn’t for Google. This particular internet heavyweight made this font and introduced it to the entire globe.

People breeze through the online platforms rather than reading each and every infomation. Through this technique, they obtain the information they need. In the modern world, web designers utilize complex typography. They can highlight the essential knowledge and provide it to their customers, and many of the websites are built on typography. They not just look entertaining but also refreshing.

The Best Tool For UX Design

When it comes to the best and effective UX design tool, Wondershare Mockitt stands out as the best choice. This is an online collaboration, prototyping, and design platform that can empower the UX design journey. The best thing about this tool is that it will run independently and directly on the web browser itself.

The tool is currently used by over 15,000 companies and 2 million people across the world. You can instantly prototype and wireframe all your ideas, which you can share with your team without any delay. The tool will also allow you to upload all the high-fidelity screens through its Sketch plug-in prototype. With a simple link, the developers will gain access to the code of your prototype.

You can also create flowcharts and diagrams with its flowchart feature from anywhere and anytime and conduct unique graphic design easily and smoothly. Along with that, Wondershare Mockitt will also provide you with its collaboration feature. It will allow you and your team to design UX together with ease.

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Important Features Of Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt carries a decent reputation within the market for being an outstanding tool for UX designers. Although you are well aware of its most unique features, there are others you should know about as well. Check the information below.

Adjusting The Screen Size

If you extend the screen’s height through Figma and have assets on it, these assets will stretch with the screen until you hold on to the CTRL/CMD. Just like Adobe XD, Wondershare Mockitt will enable you to extend the screen’s height without expanding the assets, and you do not have to hold on to the CMD or CTRL. On the other end, the tool also assumes that you will not stretch the screen’s width. So, it will only give you the chance to raise the height. The designers will surely come to like this because they wish to create responsive designs where the users do not have to scroll the screen horizontally when surfing the online platform.

A Library Full Of Assets And Templates

Mockitt comes with an extensive library that is filled with widgets, assets, and templates. It also contains icons from which you can choose and utilize the one you like. Wondershare Mockitt also comes with 22 in-built typefaces, which you can easily use according to your needs and wants.

You will also come across font styles, such as Roboto, Avenir, Montserrat. When you have made your assets and wish to use them, you need to upload them beneath the “MINE” tab. You can also upload widgets and icons when you have decided to use them.

Screen States

Many UX designers have claimed screen states to be their favorite feature among all the others. With Mockitt’s screen states, you can easily create the first screen, adjust the slider, and then use the Auto Animate or Smart Animate, also known as the Magic Move. When you prototype it, you can easily choose the Magic Movie for the last, or first screen. Also, you don’t need to remember which screen will come next as Mockitt will organize the screens alphabetically.

Last Words To Share

Keeping yourself updated about all the latest principles on UX will let you design effective and unique websites for your clients or customers. But to do so, you need a high-quality tool, and Wondershare Mockitt stands out as the perfect choice for it. The device is ideal for all the UX designers out there. Individuals can easily share their designs with stakeholders through an URL link or a QR code.

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