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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 That Everyone Should Know and Use

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 That Everyone Should Know and Use

Digital Marketing Trends: Modern technology is a big step toward progress and company growth. Not using them is tantamount to degradation. After all, competitors are already incorporating modern technology into their businesses. Companies that implement new features, take PlayAmo Casino as a prime example, are expanding capacity, customer loyalty, opportunities, and prospects.

Today we will tell you about the tools and technologies of digital marketing trends, which you can’t do without in 2020. However, it is important to remember that they are inextricably linked and often work in tandem. That’s why you need to carefully study all the tools and know-how they work.

Video Advertising

Video ads are many times more effective than regular static ads. And the numbers speak for themselves.

  • Cisco predicts that in 2021-2022 online video will account for 80% of all traffic
  • 83% of marketers say that video brings them a good ROI.
  • According to Wyzowl’s 5th annual State of Video Marketing Survey, 58% of users today prefer to learn about product features through a short video, while 15% study comparison test articles. Only about 3% account for each of the other communications tools (call, brochure, presentation, etc.). YouTube remains the main platform for video advertising (24.7 million messages), followed by Instagram (13 million) and Vkontakte (8.2 million).

Mobile Traffic

The share of mobile traffic is growing at a huge rate – in 2020 it is 62% of Internet users in Europe, of which almost half do not even use a desktop computer online. In 2020, their share will continue to grow.

For marketing, this means at the very least that all your sites should be optimized and indexed for mobile devices. And with high daily traffic and clear goals, it’s worth thinking about creating a mobile app. But note that its development is unlikely to cost your business less than a million rubles, and it will take an average of about a year. Besides, you will have to constantly invest in updates and promotions.

Voice Assistants

According to Hootsuite, 24% of regular users use voice search, and in the future, this figure will grow. After all, users want to receive quick answers without “unnecessary movements”. Therefore, it is important to adapt sites for voice search now.

You can embed your suggestions in different systems – Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, Aura, etc. How does it work? Let’s say a user asks: “Where is the nearest coffee shop? What time is it open? Do they serve iced coffee?” If your coffee shop is nearby, the system will suggest that establishment to the user.

AR Technology in Digital Marketing Trends

Augmented reality technologies help users make purchasing decisions. After all, it’s one thing to leaf through a catalog of furniture, and another thing to see how that furniture would look in your apartment.

To use AR, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on software development. For example, on Instagram, you can already virtually try on glasses and lipstick.

Automation, Personalization, and Targeting

Automation has become a breakthrough in digital marketing. It helps to interact with clients in a complex way, to reduce the human factor, to set up business processes. Here are the most popular areas of automation:

  1. Chat-bots, which answer standard questions of clients instead of employees.
  2. Welcoming new users on Instagram, on the store’s website, etc.
  3. Returning customers to abandoned baskets.
  4. Automated mailing of email chains.
  5. Automated sales scripts (auto-rolls).
  6. Convenient analytics, search and work with feedback on the Internet.
  7. CRM-systems which unite email, SMS, messengers, and telephony.

Closely related to automation is the personalization of digital marketing trends. Chatbots link to intelligent recommendation systems (next best offer), and based on that make the service individual for each customer. Bots take into account geolocation, history of communication with the user and generate personal recommendations of products and services.

It is possible to automate not only sales but also some business processes. For example, outsource the bookkeeping.

One of the most powerful personalization tools is targeted advertising. These are ads that target a specific audience. The coolest settings are in the targeting on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube – more than 100 options (country, age, gender, income, interests, smartphone brand, upcoming events in the user’s life, and more).

Native Advertising and Quality Content

Many consumers simply ignore advertising. So how do you get them to see the brand? This is where content comes to the fore as the center of attraction. If the information is interesting, consumers will pay attention and become interested in your products/services.

Digital marketing offers two main ways – to integrate your brand into an existing channel with the same target audience (bloggers), or create your own, initially aimed at its audience.

Viral and Situational Marketing 

Situational marketing is a bright advertising creative that plays around with the “breaking news” or just an important event. If you manage to hit the bullseye, this content can go viral, that is, users themselves will disseminate it via reposts. At the same time, the ads do not seem obtrusive, they are perceived as entertainment content.

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Influence Marketing (IM) Or Work With Bloggers

With the right choice of author, you can get the kind of results that you can’t count on in advertising networks or even in contextual digital advertising. Bloggers are followed by millions of people and their opinions are listened to.

Influencers can be partnered with in different ways:

  1. Integrate your product into the author’s content. For example, advertising a cosmetics brand on a YouTube channel or Instagram dedicated to makeup.
  2. Create standalone content. For example, record a blogger’s interview with a company representative.
  3. Ambassadorship. It is a format in which the blogger becomes the face of the brand. Only large companies can afford such long-term cooperation.

What Digital Marketing Tools to Choose?

In order to obtain results that are many times greater than those of your competitors, you need multi-channel capability – the use of all available traffic channels and their interconnectedness.

For example, if a user came to your website from a search engine, but did not leave contacts, you should follow him in advertising networks, social networks, and other channels to deliver the benefits of your offer.

Every year the need for such an approach will become more and more acute. And brands “skimming the cream” from a single tool will have fewer and fewer chances to win the competition from more advanced competitors.

In conclusion, we should add that the main secret to success is the maximum emotional involvement of the consumer in the life of the brand. This is the only way to keep his attention, to create and maintain brand loyalty. That is why the entire content plan should be created in such a way that it would “resonate” in the soul of potential customers.

Review Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 That Everyone Should Know and Use.

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