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Top Connected Platforms To Watch In 2021

Top Connected Platforms To Watch In 2021
concept of the Internet of things

The Internet of Things or IoT is used for automating and managing all the connected devices. In simple words, IoT is a type of service that will enable you to bring all the physical objects within the online platform. The IoT devices are installed and used worldwide, and as of 2018, about 7-billion IoT devices were installed.

Also, by 2025, over 75-billion IoT devices will get connected to the online platform. The IoT has the power to connect devices for machine-to-machine interaction. It also connects the data networks, edge hardware, and access points with the end-user applications; quite naturally, the need for IoT development is huge.

Types of Connected Platforms

Given below are some of the most popular and well-known open-source IoT platforms, which you must watch out for in 2021.

1, The Google Cloud Platform:

Google Cloud delivers a multi-layer infrastructure. It proves the operational efficiency and delivers predictive maintenance for real-time accessing and ticketing, equipment, and solutions for buildings and smart cities. The platform contains machine learning or ML capabilities for Internet of Things requirements, local intelligence, and has AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. It will also provide real-time business insights for all the globally dispersed devices.

2, IRI Voracity:

The IRI Voracity is an affordable and fast platform for analytics, data recovery, governance, integration, and migration. The platform can anonymize, transform, and report device data streaming through MQTT or Kafka. The platform contains a small footprint data manipulation engine to provide analytics, fast aggregation, and graphical data integration. It also has several unique features, such as Integrates and connects to many data sources, leverages, subsets migrates and integrates the IoT data.

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3, Salesforce IoT Cloud:

The Salesforce IoT Cloud will enable you to transform all the data, which is generated through the sensors, partners, customers, and devices into relevant actions. The platform will help you to test out all the business solutions without programming. It will also deliver the actual data on product performance and usage. The Salesforce Internet of Thing Cloud platform also provides real-time traffic view, will work with data from all devices and will use RESTFUL API to import data from all sources.

4, IBM Watson IoT:

This particular platform will enable you to investigate and capture all the data for equipment, devices, and machines. Doing so will help you find out a proper understanding to make the right decisions. With the help of this platform, you can also optimize resources and operations. Some of the popular features of this platform are providing domain expertise, providing analytic services as an add-on, Analytics, and AI, and Captures real-time data. It also delivers security and flexible solutions.

5, Particle:

This platform will provide Internet of Things services for applications, hardware, device cloud, and connectivity. When it comes to connectivity, it will provide you with three items, which are Mesh, Cellular, and Wi-Fi. For IoT software, you will receive developer tools, Device OS, IoT Rules Engine, and Device Cloud. The platform of the Particle is also utilize by Opti to train its weather casting item. Some of the features Particle contains are provided firewall-protected cloud, delivers a reliable and robust infrastructure, and can work with data from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

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Ending Note

The IoT platforms are pretty popular across the globe, and 2021 will see an increase of 20 billion IoT devices. These devices will operate on a 5G network.

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