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The Ultimate checklist to refer to during an office move!!!

The Ultimate checklist to refer to during an office move!!!

office move: Office moves are the most complicated and stressful moves, of course, it is not easier to relocate the entire staff, office equipment, and especially electronic, technical items present in an office. Here, good planning, organization and an efficient moving checklist are the only keys to have a successful move.

So, start the job by notifying all your employees, looking for the right removalist company based in Gold Coast, schedule your move, and then you are left with the job of transferring the tech to the new location.

To do it, you should have a good strategy in your mind and then execute the same wisely. Although it is quite a challenging task to do if you follow this procedure then you can easily make the entire process smoother and easier.

Check Out the Checklist:

Planning is the key: Before you start anything, you should have a proper strategy in your hands that what you have to do and when. You should hire tech professionals along with movers to do the job and it is mandatory to perform this job.

Visit the site where all the technical equipment, server of your office is present and check out if there is a need for any cable and is everything running right or not. Then you should tell the technical team of your office about the move and ask them for any advice and help also. Also contact all carriers, internet service providers, and technology vendors.

Make a plan for setting up all the computers: You should ask your IT staff whether they can perform the job by themselves or is there a need for technical help from professionals. Ask these at least 2 to 3 months before so that you can plan accordingly.

Know what equipment you want to move: You should make an inventory of all the equipment present in your office. If your network infrastructure is not in good condition and is becomes old then you can consider updating it. If you have borrowed something or has hired any equipment on rent then you should return the same before you pack any electronic items.

Apart from this, if you also have some broken items which do not work then instead of spending your time and money on transporting these, you should dispose of these here only.

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Do you Possess any Special Equipment?

If you also possess any special equipment in your office which will take a longer time in transportation then you should order to ship this 2 to 3 months before then you can receive these at destination on the right time.

Prepare telecommunication systems: The telecommunication system is the most important part of any office that requires proper attention when relocating a business. It muct be at the core of your moving checklist. To do the process with ease, you need to keep continuous communication with VoIP telephone system and SIP trunking technology. This helps you to reroute the entire telephone network with ease and you can use it from the new location also.

Check how you will handle the voice data in your network and also prepare a setup process.

Make an inventory of all the communication devices which are softphones, phones, mobile devices, handsets, and others. You should keep only the ones which are good in condition rest you should not bring with you.

As the number of phones will increase or decrease therefore you should now arrange the transfer of all phone numbers.

You should also hire the telecom service provider or any professional so that you can easily arrange all the devices there because such professionals already have working experience in doing such jobs and they can perform this task with ease. Call re-routing or forwarding should also be done because this helps an organization not to miss any important calls. You might know the importance of calls in any business therefore it is mandatory to take the help of professionals.

Pay attention to your data: There is no business out there that does not contain confidential data or something like that. If anything misses or gets leaked then higher are the chances that you will regret it later and such loss can’t be completed by the organization later, therefore, you should have to pay attention to the data security right now to safeguard it from any kind of intruders or anything like that. Making several back copies helps protect the data and transfer it with the help of professionals will protect it from breaching.

Moving day: So, finally, the moving day has arrived and you have to transfer the telecommunication system, equipment, network, and everything. Before you start transportation of everything, make sure you have saved the copies of the data. Before you disconnect anything, any wires, it is recommended you click pictures so you can make the same connection after reaching there. Take your time and don’t do anything in a rush

Following the process will help you to move your technology to your new office with ease.

Review The Ultimate checklist to refer to during an office move!!!.

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