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The Technology of Tomorrow

The Technology of Tomorrow

If you are older than 15, you have lived through the dotcom bubble and bust, the birth of eBay and Craigslist, Facebook and Twitter, blogging, the browser wars, Google Earth, filesharing, the transformation of the music business, political campaigning, activism and campaigning, the media, publishing, consumer banking, the pornography industry, travel agencies, dating and retail. And these are just some of the most attention-grabbing developments of tomorrow.

Without the internet or the smartphone, the world as we know it, would cease to exist! The world would still be here and so would we, but it just wouldn’t be the same. Just like the discovery of fire, invention of the wheel, the creation of the engine and so on and so forth – the creation of the smartphone and the internet has irrevocably changed the course of human lives.

There are now businesses and new applications and functions that have cropped from these websites. Like YouTube has given rise to a whole new set of applications who help you take the video and convert YouTube to mp3!

The new big thing seemingly is financial technology. You may have heard about a digital currency called Bitcoin doing extremely well in the market, with a single Bitcoin being worth around $40,000! There are many more such cryptocurrencies available in the market now, with many more on the way! Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum and Pi are starting to make their presence felt.

Also, it goes without saying that the already successful platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. have continued to evolve and even merge with each other in some cases like Instagram which is now owned by Facebook. Even Instagram has given rise to many new independent businesses based on certain functions and features in the application, like Instagram story ideas and reels.

However, if there is one website that gets the maximum number of visitors in a given day, that website still has to be Google. The search engine giant had humble beginnings which spawned a litany of different discoveries and inventions that have totally managed to upend our lives, right from the most basic and smallest things like knowing the meaning of words to extremely important, crucial and critical things like the state of your bank accounts, your life’s work, your private photos and videos, your education, your business etc.

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The world of tomorrow is going to look even more technological than it already is. Compare the world of today with the world of your ancestors. Check ancestors in as many generations as you can. You won’t find much difference in attitude or lifestyle between them, but you will find an extremely noticeable change between your father and you. It’s all due to technology. We’re on an exponential J-curve right now. Whether you’re buying software with Litecoin or checking out a virtual representation of your hometown, the possibilities are endless.

Whether we use it for the good of the world and those around us, or whether some of us succeed in using it for selfish or nefarious purposes, remains to be seen in the not-so-distant future. Whatever the case may be, we are excited beyond measure for what happens next.

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