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The digital signature platform ‘CocoSign’ is successfully transforming the “workstyles” for many, says CEO Caroline Lee

The digital signature platform ‘CocoSign’ is successfully transforming the “workstyles” for many, says CEO Caroline Lee

Caroline Lee is the Co-founder and CEO of CocoSign, a tech-based solution that allows users to digitally sign legally valid documents. 

As the covid pandemic hit the world in 2020, business movement and physical exchange of documents was put on hold. Since the businesses were operating online, she realized the requirement of a digital signature platform. That’s how the company came into being. 

A techie by mind and an entrepreneur by heart, Caroline identified the opportunity and used technology to transform the work styles. She has used the power of content to present her brand and product in the simplest language.

Being the CEO, her words and actions directly influence the business. Keeping this in mind, she ensures her marketing game is on point.

This eSignature website provides an indigenous solution for the digital signing of documents

Amid a pandemic, businesses have been forced to incorporate a contactless approach for every process, the need for numerous services has been uncovered. One such service is eSignatures. The Singapore-based eSignature provider Cocosign offers safe & secure digital signature solutions for businesses.

Founded in 2020, Cocosign is committed to empowering businesses by providing a seamless solution for digitizing their operations. We had the pleasure of interviewing Caroline about what led to founding such a progressive organization during these difficult times. “A techie through-and-through,” says Caroline when describing herself, “I want digital signing to be accessible, user-friendly, and easy to use” 

Q: What motivated you to launch Cocosign?

A: As the COVID pandemic hit in 2020, economic activities and physical exchanges of documents were put on hold. This was further exacerbated by the rising need for many businesses to be operated exclusively online. This created use cases for various online business services including digital signing requirements. Seeing the demand for the service, I set out towards developing Cocosign, which is now recognized as one of the most secure digital signature platforms.

Q: What effect did the pandemic have on your business?

A: The pandemic has been a tough time for everyone around the globe. But, as said, it is what kick-started our business idea. The rise of online transactions, document sharing, and legal services have greatly increased the need for our digital signature service. However, the pandemic did affect our business as many people were not ready to invest during the difficult times. But, as the need for digitizing business operations grew quite clear, people started to realize that investing in such digital services are inevitable for their company’s success over time

Q: What makes your software stand out from others?

A: As a digital signing service provider, we ensure our customers that their documents remain safe through the signing process, and hence, important data is protected from unwanted interference.

We focus on simplifying business processes with a content-centric approach – be it signing or managing documents like contracts, agreements, certificates, etc. With signer authentication, data integration, and cloud storage facilities, we ensure an extremely secure online digital signature service for our clients.

From creation to submission of the documents, we offer an end-to-end service with thousands of pre-built templates and the ability to automate audit trails effortlessly. With Cocosign, you can sign multiple documents at one go and also integrate with Google services, making document handling easier than ever. Our comprehensive B2B model with robust features helps us handle even a very large amount of data at any point in time making us stand out from others!  

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Q: How do you think your service has impacted businesses?

A: Forget pandemic or digitization, paperwork verification, or customer approval process has always been a tedious process for businesses that involved remote operations. From real estate CRM tool to medical services, people – the service provider or the seeker – either needed to travel for signing documents or get the digitally transferred documents printed, sign them, scan them and then send them back to the party involved. This workflow always required so much manual administration and consumed a lot of time. So, the need for digital signing services has always been there. However, this pandemic has made eSignature services a necessity for some businesses. 

With a virtually seamless digital signing capability, pre-built document templates, google integrations & much more, we have made paperwork easier than ever for businesses and their clients. No more hustle for document generation, manual signing, or print-sign-scan process. Many tedious administrative works will now happen with the click of a finger. 

Q: Do you think your service will continue to be incorporated by people post-pandemic?

A: Of course, yes. The digitization of various business operations is not just for the pandemic times. It is the future – which is already here. We live in a fast-paced digital world. Everyone wishes to do most of the work on the go. With work from home culture taking the front seat, commuting just for document handling purposes is difficult for firms as well as clients. So, we are quite sure that the digital signature business is here to stay for years to come and grows exponentially.

Q: How do you go about competing with your established business rivals offering the same service as yours?

A: Our aim has always been to offer the best experience when it comes to online digital signing services. No matter how established our business competitors are, we are here to serve a group of people and we are determined to serve them the best way. With millions of satisfied customers and thousands of pre-built templates, we know what our clients need from us – convenience. We strive to deliver it every time with 24×7 customer support, secure infrastructure, and a super-easy platform for end-users. Customer satisfaction and feedback are what keeps us going! 

Q: Are there any other services you offer besides digital signing?

A: Yes! Currently, we offer in-built templates for document generation ensuring an end-to-end document handling capability. You can create, send, get it signed and save it for the future – all in one place! With over 20000 legal templates to choose from, for various professionals and businesses, we help various professionals and businesses in improving business efficiency in handling paperwork.

Q: Tell us about your marketing efforts for the business.

A: A quality product always markets itself! We believe in that. However, we also have other marketing strategies in place for our digital signing business. The best out of those is the way we leverage the power of content. We ensure that the way we represent our brand is in simple and understandable language to our prospective audience. When the words and the actions match flawlessly, it will have a positive impact on the business.

Q: Any startup advice for newbies?

A: The success of any business lies in having a clear focus on what problem you solve & how you solve it. It will never be easy – not in the slightest. Yet, if you believe your business is here to make a change, go fight for it, make it the best. In simple words, create a solution for people’s problems, market it, accept feedback, improve your service – that’s all it takes to make your business successful – of course along with a heavy dose of smart work! 

Q: What are your plans for your company?

A: The global digital signature market is growing exponentially and business people from various sectors are incorporating the digital signing process into their workflow. This is a positive sign that the future of our business is bright provided we keep on improving our services. As a plan, we aim to improve our software security furthermore with enhanced cloud signing-key integrations and simpler workflow. Ultimately, our every move is targeted towards making paperwork handling easier & safer for businesses and individuals at a nominal price.

Caroline Lee, Co-Founder of CocoSign. Interested in marketing, business management, remote work, trends, etc.




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