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The Differences Between Bachelor of Teaching vs. Bachelor of Education

The Differences Between Bachelor of Teaching vs. Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Teaching vs Bachelor of Education: There is no more noble career than helping children with their education. There are two potential paths in college if this is your dream job. You can choose to get a bachelor’s degree in teaching or a bachelor’s degree in education. While these degrees may seem similar, they actually open up completely different career opportunities in the future.

Bachelor’s of Teaching

If you want to work with students in a classroom on daily basis, then you will want to get a bachelor’s degree in teaching. This is what schools around the country will look for when hiring new teachers.

You will take courses centered around learning the skills you need to become a great teacher. This includes creating lesson plans, monitoring the development of your students, and creating a fun atmosphere conducive to learning.

There is a very good chance that you will spend some time working as a teaching assistant while getting your degree. This is the perfect way to get the hands-on experience you need to become a good teacher.

This degree allows you to work directly with students and see how they are responding to your knowledge on a daily basis. A generalized teaching degree is perfect for an elementary school teacher, but you will need to concentrate your studies on one area if you want to teach at higher levels.

Bachelor’s of Education

Bachelor of Teaching vs Bachelor of Education: Getting a bachelor’s degree in education from a reputable place like will allow you to mold the minds of children outside of the classroom. This is the preferred degree for principals, superintendents, and school counselors. You will spend your time taking classes focused on developing a school-wide curriculum and learning the many different ways children learn. This will allow you to set up all of the kids at the school up for success.

While there will be times when you get to work hands-on with the children at your school, this will not be a daily occurrence. A lot of your time will be spent in meetings with the school board and teachers. Instead of helping a small group of kids, your work will improve the lives of hundreds of kids at the same time. This helps offset the inability to see the light bulb click in a student’s brain when learning a new topic.

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Other Differences

Bachelor of Teaching vs Bachelor of Education: Outside of normal daily job duties, the only other difference between these two degree options is your salary potential. Since principals and superintendents work on a macro level, they will make slightly more money than a teacher in the classroom. The decisions made by these individuals impact the entire school, so it is easy to see why they have a slightly higher salary. While it is always nice to make extra money, you should not base your decision only on this information.

Both of these degree options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Picking the major that will give you the job you desire in the education field will allow you to live a happy and fulfilling life.

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