The 3 Types of Fitness Apps You Can Develop

If you’re developing a fitness apps of your own, you need to first decide what type it will be.

Generally, fitness apps can be categorized into 3 major types;

  • Nutrition applications
  • Exercise and workout applications
  • Activity tracking applications

Some applications are designed to combine two, or even all three of the above. However, most of them can be categorized into just one of these classes.

In this article, we’ll discuss each of these kinds of fitness app in detail.

1. Nutrition Applications

Nutrition apps are diet tracking tools that count the burned and consumed calories. They help people monitor and control their weight by developing healthier dietary routines.

These applications can also track specific parts of your daily food intake, such as how much caffeine you consume throughout the day.

The main goal with these applications is to set personal goals and hold yourself accountable.

It’s great for people who have a particularly hard time developing and sticking to healthy eating habits or quitting certain addictions like sugar, caffeine, junk food, etc.

Some nutrition apps also help by automatically creating healthier grocery shopping lists and healthier meal recipes to assist you in eating better.

Some great examples to follow in this domain are;

  • Calorie Counter and Food Diary,
  • MyPlate Calories Tracker,
  • and HealthyOut, etc.

2. Exercise and workout applications

Exercise applications are the most popular type of fitness apps. They’re also the broadest class out of the three on this list.

As you’d guess by the name, these apps are mostly focused on introducing their users to different workout plans, exercises, and similar fitness resources.

They track users workout progress and explain to them how to properly do certain exercises. They often use visuals to allow users to follow along and correct their form, posture, and pace.

Some applications use graphics, while others use videos to help users watch and learn.

There are many examples of great exercise applications. They all have their unique elements but generally follow similar themes.

The most common sub-categories of workout apps are personal trainer type apps, logbooks, and exercise apps that pair with fitness trackers.

If this sounds like the ideal category for your own fitness app, check out these app development service for fitness business.

3. Activity Tracking Apps

Lastly, we have activity tracking apps. Not only do exercise enthusiasts use these, but also individuals who never hit the gym but still want to get their daily workout in.

These apps have integrated software that uses different sensors in the phone (or paired wearable fitness tracking devices) to count your daily steps and calories burned. They can also track the number of kilometres you’ve walked using geolocation.

When paired with a wearable fitness tracker, these apps can provide valuable sleep data too!

Some advanced trackers and applications can even show you in-depth information about how much deep sleep you had, your REM cycles, and your sleep duration.

Using all of this new technology, there’s now something called ‘smart alarm clocks’ which wake users up during their REM sleep phase. This reduces grogginess and allows users to wake up easier and quicker.

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