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What is Tesla Truck? – Tesla Truck Beginning, Types, and More

What is Tesla Truck? – Tesla Truck Beginning, Types, and More

Tesla Truck

For what reason would you want your tesla truck to reach 96 km / h in 5 seconds? We don’t know, but it still drives us crazy.

Together with the Roadster, Tesla shows us its long-awaited transport vehicle, the Tesla truck, which with 804 km of autonomy and a vast technological load, could revolutionize the world of commercial vehicles.

You wonder, of course, if such spectacular figures apply in everyday life. According to Elon Musk, CEO of the brand, its autonomy applies under real highway driving with its maximum load capacity, just over 36 tons. What changes is the acceleration? Fully charged, it takes about 20 seconds to complete 96 km / h. Of course, its maximum speed is 105 km / h.

The futuristic design will not be much different from the model on the streets in 2019. In its obsession with increasing efficiency, the Tesla Semi has a drag coefficient almost on the level of the Bugatti Chiron.

Tedious 36 tons, the Tesla truck can travel up to 800 km. It can recharge 643 km of autonomy in just 30 minutes.

Tesla Truck Beginning

  • The Tesla truck was arranging for the end of 2019, or at least that was the date that gave in his presentation three years ago. But previously, at the beginning of last year.
  • It was evident that this forecast was not going to be fulfilling since the Tesla truck had not yet finished with the necessary tests.
  • Now, an email is sending to customers who have reserved the Tesla Semi. It has confirmed that we won’t have to wait much longer to see it on the roads.
  • The letter, signed by Jerome Guillen, president and head of the division dedicated to the Tesla Semi, states that production will begin in the second half of 2020.
  • However, the production will initially be in “limited volume,” few units will be manufacturing. Being a truck designed for large trailers, the Semi is entirely different from what Tesla has produced so far, and these first units will be the “guinea pigs.”

Safety means saying goodbye to rearview mirrors

  1. No one needs buses that are so agile, but they do need this safe. In this sense, the Tesla Semi uses four electric motors to drive the four rear wheels.
  2. It has a system that does the torque delivery in each of the tires to prevent the truck from losing control. With all these assists, the Tesla truck wants to reduce the number of road accidents.
  3. Also, as it belongs to the Tesla range, it enjoys all the house’s technological advances, including the Autopilot system, autonomous braking, and lane-keeping assistant.
  4. Therefore, after long days of driving, drivers of this type of vehicle will be able to turn on the automatic pilot and, although it is not wise to sleep, they will be more relaxed.
  5. The cabin is as minimalist as you can imagine in any Tesla, but with a quirk: the driving position is in the center, and there are no rearview mirrors. Instead, the truck has two 15-inch displays on each side, significantly improving outward visibility and making it easier to manipulate travel information or trailer settings.

The challenge of the Tesla Truck is Reliability

  • Although Tesla makes spectacular cars, the United States’ latest complaint reports rank its vehicles as the most flawed. In a trailer, such errors are not permissible.
  • That is why the brand offers a guarantee in which it ensures that your vehicle will not present failures during its first million miles, that is, around 1,600,000 kilometers.
  • On the other hand, the Tesla truck recharging network, although in Mexico. Is still limited –but it has grown exponentially. The rest of North America is very well covered so that the Tesla Semi can recharge a range equivalent to 643 kilometers in just half an hour.

What are the Types of Tesla Truck?

  1. The statement reveals the enormous emotion they have with Jerome Guillén. Tesla’s president of Automotive and director of the Tesla Semi program since 2016.
  2. The company’s CEO said that “Jerome and I are very excited to be working with you to bring this fantastic product to market.
  3. On the other hand, Musk commented that the latest improvements made to the Tesla Semi.
  4. Electric trucks allow it to reach an autonomy that touches 960 kilometers for the most expensive version. Whose sale price will handle approximately 180,000 dollars.
  5. Tesla expects to reach a production figure of 100,000 electric trucks a year. However, that goal still seems a bit distant since the company’s priorities are focused. On the arrival of the new Model Y and the development of the Cyber track.
  6. Projects such as this electric truck represent a revolution since we can see that reducing. The impact of production on the environment can be carried out from different points of societ


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