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Ten reasons why Vaping is safe for your lungs and heart?

Ten reasons why Vaping is safe for your lungs and heart?


Vaping: It has been more than a decade since the discovery of vaping, but few things are the center of attraction for the customers and experts. Perhaps, the rationale following the same is that a concise line of investigation is obtainable, like whether vaping is secure to use or is better than smoking. Nevertheless, it is essential to comprehend a few things about it before moving ahead and stay to learn more here.

Are vaping and smoking identical?

First of all, let us clarify that vaping is not equivalent to smoking. Often people get perplexed, but there is an enormous divergence between the two. Again, vaping’s demand and sale have been rising in recent years, while smoking lags behind it. Often people get tensed to see their loved ones smoking, but since vaping is less detrimental, its popularity is escalating in the market, and customers are readily moving towards it. Though there is no attestation of research about vaping being safe and sound for lungs and hearts; but, you do not have to worry as we have listed some of the reasons that will give you a fair idea that vaping secures your lungs and hearts. You can check out to ensure you are consuming high quality products.

1.  Low content of chemicals

You will be surprised to know that ordinary cigarettes contain loads of chemicals and destructive substances such as nicotine, arsenic, lead, carbon monoxide, etc., hampering people’s health and wellness. Researches expose that more than 24 compounds detrimental to a person’s health find their place in regular cigarettes. On the other hand, Vape contains those substances duly approved by the FDA like VG, PG, and other such flavoring substances. So, intake of Vapes e-liquid does not result in any repercussions.

2.  Not hazardous to health

Since the smash up to the lungs and heart results from unwarranted smoking accompanied by various other diseases like mouth cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc., people resort to vaping that does not have any such hazardous substances. Thus it is harmless to use; hence, no incurable diseases roam around your body.


3.  Less addictive

Addiction is the word that comes to our mind when we talk about smoking, owing to which your lungs and heart do not remain healthy and safe. But, no source of compulsion is noticeable with the use of vaping. Also, keep in mind that repetitive use of Vape might lead to a bit of obsession but is way less than the existence of nicotine in cigarettes that gives rise to persistent dizziness leading to hypertension and other diseases.

4.  Not prone to smoking anymore

Research reveals that one of the essential factors that cause heart diseases and lung infections is smoking. For this, vaping is the alternative solution that helps you quit smoking, and thus, your body remains free of all kinds of cardiovascular problems.

5.  No chemical additives

It becomes indispensable in today’s era of COVID-19 that we eat and stay in good physical shape and away from any chemicals or detrimental substances that might impair our body. Studies reveal that vaping does not include such materials.  It has various supplementary flavors like strawberry, menthol, apple, cherry, chocolate, caramel, etc., which are natural and not made up of synthetic substances.

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6.  Less dangerous for your loved ones

Vaping keeps you in the pink and saves your loved ones from any heart or lungs related cases because, contrary to smoking, it does not release any damaging substances as a residue into the environment. While, with a lot of smoke, people close to you might feel suffocated or experience difficulty while breathing. But, vaping does not cause any such issues. Further, research by CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) reveals the presence of Vitamin E in the person’s body using vaping, thus keeping you immune from lethal diseases.


7.  No leftovers like cigarettes

There is an old proverb you need to live in a clean and healthy environment. The reason behind this is that our elders say that if your surroundings are clean, then your mind is fresh, and if your mind is healthy, your body becomes immune from diseases. But, the use of cigarettes leaves behind ashes which give birth to germs leading to deterioration in the person’s health. So, if you want to live a little longer and want to keep your heart fit, you should try e-cigarettes, which do not leave any residue in the atmosphere like ashes, remnants, etc.

8.  Low level of carcinogens

According to data published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2017, vaping is less toxic and safe to use. It has a relatively more minor content of carcinogens and other such chemicals, which do not negatively affect our health.

9.  Juices are best for health.

CBD Vape juices are tasty and delicious and are one of the ingredients by which our health might become less deteriorated. So, with the added advantage of taste, no adverse effects reflect on your body.

10.  Presence of Vitamin E

E-cigarette users have more content of Vitamin E in their body, which is one of the best ingredients to increase immunity so that you can fight bacteria and viruses easily. Further, it helps widen blood vessels and keeps blood from clotting within them. Thus, it has a direct impact on your heart and lungs’ healthiness.


CBD is the buzzword in all industries. It is because cannabis offers many advantages that you cannot find in any other compound. One such product is these E-Cigarettes, astonishing the commercial world. Though there is little research related to the impact of vaping on an individual’s health, there is also an assortment of benefits of using it and keeping the heart and lungs safe even during COVID-19 times. So, you not only get taste and flavor but also other additional advantages along with it. Thus, do not worry at all as you are in safe hands while using e-cigarettes rather than using regular cigarettes that might damage your health and of your loved ones.

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