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What is Technology? – About, Uses, Varieties and More

What is Technology? – About, Uses, Varieties and More


Technology is the set of information with dashboard project management Associate in Nursing techniques applied in an orderly manner to attain an exact objective or solve a tangle.

The technology could respond to man’s need to rework the atmosphere and improve his quality of life.

It includes information Associate in Nursingd techniques developed over time utilized in an organized method to satisfy a requirement.

The word technology comes from the union of 2 Greek words: “tekne”, technique, art, and “logia”, which suggests ability over one thing.

It is understood as a product or answer created from a collection of instruments, ways, and techniques designed to resolve a tangle.

It is mostly related to knowledge base and engineering.

Technology is any notion that will facilitate life in society or satisfy individual or collective demands or wants, adjusted to the wants of a particular time.

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What is the Use of Technology?

It is one of all the four factors of production together with capital, land and labour.

Man uses technology to satisfy his wants, involving remodelling his atmosphere, finding issues, increasing potency, up aesthetics, etc.

Well-used technology will improve people’s quality of life (such as cleaner production methods).

However, misused will cause excellent harm to individuals and society—for example, the employment of technology for attacks and crimes.

What are the Varieties of Technology?

It is often classified per numerous criteria.

For instance, per its tangibleness, it’s divided into:


It reports intangible assets like new economic theories or new kinds of resource management.


Refers to helping the United States turn out a tangible product like fashionable cars, anti-earthquake buildings, etc.

Likewise, per the variety of sectors during which it is often used, it’s classified as:


Refers to the one applied in numerous activities and study areas.

Thus, for instance, engineering science is applied to each the health and telecommunications fields.


It’s the one relating to a particular field.

For instance, a machine for surgical operations.

What is the Importance of Technology?

Therefore, the discoveries and the look of recent tools created through technology were vital to human and social group development.

This brings pleasant discoveries that create it doable to enhance production, save time, increase the standard of life, facilitate life in society, shorten distances, and understand the earth.

Technology emerged as a requirement for a man to fulfil individual and collective wishes mistreatment knowledge base and techniques to resolve issues and satisfy their wants.

It’s allowed the soul to fully understand the atmosphere surrounding him and change it to attain his ends.

Through the centuries, man made-up and changed tools to enhance his lifestyle.

Technology has brought discoveries within the field of drugs, advances in access to data, communication and transportation, and simplification of tasks.

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What are the Examples of Technology?

• AI

It uses tools and information from numerous disciplines (electronic engineering, technology, computing ) for the planning and manufacture of robots.

These robots are expected to perform automatic tasks and jobs that are routine and tedious for humans or lower production prices in industries.

•  Cryptocurrencies

They’re a digital currency that uses distributed ledger technology (allows you to record and synchronize transactions between multiple users in several locations).

•  3d print

It’s a kind of addition printing that expeditiously creates distinctive elements and sophisticated geometries on a large type of materials.

Through 3D printing, a three-dimensional object is formed by superimposing the layers of materials, and it’s utilized in an oversized variety of industries for various uses.

• computer science

It involves the creation of machines that mimic the psychological feature functions of kinsfolk.

This technology is employed in numerous disciplines like social science, medicine, transportation, game package, and pattern recognition in on-line assistants.

•  Autonomous vehicles

Technology is employed to make driverless cars that are programmed to mimic human capabilities for driving and management.

This sort of auto perceives the atmosphere through optical device systems, radars, processed vision.

Many programs are testing this new technology to visualize if it is often used extensively.

•  Biotechnology

It’s the discipline that uses technology to make merchandise from biological systems and living organisms.

Biotechnology has been chargeable for creating vaccines and antibodies and is employed in medication, agriculture, trade, and the atmosphere.

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