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Tech Trends in Education

Tech Trends in Education

Tech Trends in Education: Whether you’re learning online or not, technology is a critical component of the modern education process. The technology trends are important to keep abreast of as those in education need to be using the best tech to learn.

Regardless of the level at which you’re studying, technology is part and parcel of your education, from computers to the smart mobile devices and apps, for remote study of full degrees and courses. The following are the top tech trends in education at the moment.

·        AI and virtual teaching: immersive learning

The idea is to create real life scenarios using virtual reality and augmented reality that are then used for teaching specific skills or lessons. It’s proven that this immersive teaching and learning so much more productive in developing practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge, explaining concepts and ideas. It’s just a better means of imparting information in the digital age. Yes, you will need the VR goggles and have to be registered at a training institution that is innovative and exciting enough to have this as an option.But pretty soon this will be the way or at least it will be part of any mainstream training and education online.

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·        Ongoing or lifelong learning

It has become a top educational trend for the internet and online resources to be used for ongoing and lifelong learning. No longer is education and learning restricted to the classroom or certain ages and places with specific tech designed for the right age group, such as elementary students computers. Technology and cloud computing means that you are able to study anything from anywhere and for as long as possible. It is also being used to make mid-career changesand pivots for those in all careers from nursing to finance banking and more no matter what age you are. More people than ever before now see learning as a lifelong process that uses all of the resources at our disposal, with formal and informal lessons, online and offline, virtual and real all included and necessary. To be used for as long as possible and whenever the need grabs you.

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·        Short span or nano learning

We’ve had micro learning for a while, but nano learning is even shorter and includes and encompasses training that takes a minute or two or even less. The information is thus as condensed as it can be and must be engaging to keep the audience watching for the entire time no matter how short. It has often been used for learners to gain a specific piece of knowledge in the moment of need, as they fix a machine or start a new hobby. It’s a trend that is beginning to peak and is the shortest form of training and learning that will be with us for the long term.

Technological development and change are driving every sector of our lives and education is no different. These trends are those that we should be aware of and as such will soon all be part of what we use in education, training and online learning.

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