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Stuck On Iphone Error 4013? Here’s How To Fix It!

Stuck On Iphone Error 4013? Here’s How To Fix It!


Iphone Error 4013: Let’s say that you have just rebooted your iPhone and are about to get ready to get back to business and suddenly, you are met with iPhone error 4013. This error acts as a lock behind your screen lock and prevents you from engaging in any activity like watching videos, scrolling through media, making calls, or sending texts on your iPhone.

To explain how you can get around error 4013 as quickly as possible, you need to first understand why it occurs in the first place. It is usually a message that your iOS system shows you to convey that your iPhone could not be restored 4013 and here’s why!

Why Iphone Error 4013 Is Caused?

The error 4013 can occur in any device that runs on an iOS system. It is the result of your iOS update failing or iPhone restoration being incomplete.

Here are a few possible reasons why you might be facing error 4013;

  • Interruption to your device’s internet connection.
  • Interrupted USB connection or port malfunction.
  • Your version of iTunes or iOS is outdated.
  • Any app or software malfunctioning.
  • Corrupted data or malware.

Top Solutions On How To Fix Iphone Error 4013

It is understandable how not having access to your iPhone can be nerve-wrecking. We need our devices to keep track of our daily itinerary, essential data, and crucial emails. Your iPhone’s security protocols are quite strict which makes it harder to corrupt hence the Apple appeal. There is however time effective and easy ways to undo your iPhone error 4013, just follow the methods mentioned in detail below.

Solution 1: Reset All Settings

Sometimes the reason behind iPhone error 4013 is a simple glitch that can be resolved by simply resetting your iPhone’s settings. This however will keep your data unaffected but rather reset all settings such as sound, display, network, and other custom settings to default.

Solution 1 Reset All Settings

Easy to follow steps for resetting your iPhone’s settings;

Step 1: As per the image above, open your iPhone settings.

Step 2: Open “General” settings. Select “Reset All Settings”.

Step 3: Enter the iPhone passcode to confirm the command.

After completion of this step, you can restart your iPhone and see that error 4013 is removed.

Solution 2: Restore Iphone Via DFU Mode

DFU Mode: If you have already tried restoring your iPhone through other conventional methods and it didn’t work then you can revert to DFU mode. However, the Device Firmware Update should be your last resort in resolving error 4013. It is a reliable state in which your iPhone can be recovered more easily.

Solution 2 Restore Iphone Via DFU Mode

This approach would inevitably erase your data and entails a rather complicated set of steps unique to every model of iPhone, which involves using iTunes. You would need to make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed for this method to work.

Now follow these steps;

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer.

Step 2: Enter DFU mode on your respective iPhone.

iPhone 6S or prior: Long press the “Sleep Button” while holding the ‘’Home Button” for exactly 8 seconds. Now release the “Sleep button” but not the “Home Button” only until your device is recognized by the computer.

iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: The same principle, but in this case, long press “Side Button” and “Volume Button” for 8 seconds then release the “Sleep button” only. Keep pressing the “Home Button” until recognized by the computer.

iPhone 8 or latest: Press and Release “Volume Up Button”. Follow the exactly same for the “Volume Down Button” and long press “Side button”. A black screen will appear. Now, long-press the “Volume down button” and then release the “Side button” after 5 seconds. Follow the instructions shown on the screen to enter the DFU method.

Step 3: Select the “Restore” option and then click “OK” on your iTunes.

Step 4: Now select “Restore iPhone”.

Solution 3: Fix Iphone Error 4013 Without Losing Data

Repairing your iPhone or running iOS system Recovery is now ten times easier; thanks to Dr.Fone- System Repair. It enables iPhone users to repair their iPhones from the comfort of their homes without the hassle of going to the service shop.

You can repair any common iPhone issue involving black screens, recovery mode, or simply a dead iPhone. Using this application doesn’t require you to have any additional skills or put you in a position to lose data.

Dr.Fone has two modes – Standard Mode and Advanced Mode so that you can try both approaches if either of them doesn’t work for you.

Follow these steps to recover from error 4013 using Dr.Fone Standard Mode;

Note:Dr.Fone’s standard mode is sufficient enough to fix all iOS issues with loss of data.

Step 1: Download and launch Dr.Fone. Then choose the option “System Repair”.

Solution 3 Fix Iphone Error 4013 Without Losing Data

Step 2: Connect your iOS device to your computer. Once detected, the device will show up on Dr.Fone. Proceed with selecting the “Standard Mode”.

Solution 3 Fix Iphone Error 4013 Without Losing Data

Step 3: This application is designed to automatically detect your iPhone model version and display it. Just select the iOS version and click on “Start”.

Solution 3 Fix Iphone Error 4013 Without Losing Data

Step 4: Now Dr.Fone will begin downloading the appropriate iOS firmware. Please note that this file is large and will require some time and a stable internet connection to be downloaded. If it is not downloading automatically, go to the “Download” button to click it.

Solution 3 Fix Iphone Error 4013 Without Losing Data

Step 5: After the download is complete, Dr.Fone will verify the iOS firmware. Wait for it to complete.

Solution 3 Fix Iphone Error 4013 Without Losing Data

Step 6: The “Fix Now” option will appear on the screen once the file has been verified. Click on it to repair your iOS device.

Solution 3 Fix Iphone Error 4013 Without Losing Data

Step 7: In a few moment’s time, your iPhone will be fully repaired. Just start it up to have it working again.

Solution 3 Fix Iphone Error 4013 Without Losing Data


The iPhone error 4013 is a major system failure issue that is displayed by your iPhone to inform you that it hasn’t been restored properly. This will prevent you from continuing any activity on your iOS device.

As a precaution to this problem, you can back up all your device data so that when you are faced with error 4013, you won’t have any issue in letting go of your data while resetting.

You can try resetting your device’s settings, recover it via DFU Mode or use Dr.Fone to runiOS system recoverywithout any loss of data.

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