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What is Streaming? – Stream live on Instagram, Stream live on Facebook, and More


The system is far from perfect; it lacks a search function, which means that the only way to explore the streaming is by over each point.

The closest to that is a panel on the left side that shows the most popular broadcasts. A service that still has a lot to improve, but without a doubt with great potential.

Find out who’s streaming from Facebook Live anywhere in the world

  1. Facebook has known how to recognize the trend and scope of live broadcasts, now through its service called Facebook Live, to obtain a part of the market that applications such as Meerkat, Periscope, and YouTube itself have.
  2. It is only possible to transmit from the official apps of the social network used on iOS or Android without considering that it is not available for all budgets.
  3. Another current limitation is that unless one of your contacts initiates a transmission, you may not even have found out that this function exists.
  4. And it is that although you still cannot make Facebook Live transmissions, you can see them. Anyone can even if they do not have an account on the social platform.
  5. All you have to do is go to, and you will find a world map that shows through small blue dots all the active transmissions at that precise moment:

How to stream live on Instagram

Live broadcasts have become an essential part of Instagram. Similar to Facebook or Twitter, Instagram Live Videos are a great way to link with your followers in real-time and document your life the moment it happens.

Also, the process is straightforward. Do you want to learn it? We explain how to broadcast live on Instagram.

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Step 1: go to Instagram on your mobile device

  • Although you can use the desktop version to view photos and Comments, you can only live stream from the mobile app. If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, you can create one with the app or their site.

Step 2: navigate to the camera

  • From the home page, tap the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen (you can also swipe right to open it). The camera is the same one you use to add photos to your story.

Step 3: start your live video

  • With the camera activated, scroll through the bottom menu (under the camera button) until you reach the Live feature.
  • This menu is also where you find the options for the stories. On the left side of the screen, you will find opportunities to add a title to your video or use it to raise funds. When you’re ready to start streaming, tap the camera button.

Step 4: during streaming

  • After a short automatic connection test, you will be broadcasting live. Instagram will send a notification to some of your followers to let them know that you have started a live video. The number of viewers and comments will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you want to add a comment, tap Comment, and write your message. If you press and hold a comment, you can pin it to the top, so your viewers can see it more easily.
  • To turn off comments, tap the three dots to Comment’s right, and select Turn off comments. If you have keyword filters activated, they will also apply here.
  • There are also several icons near the comment area that activate features to use during your video. You can add a guest, notify your friends, so they know you’re broadcasting, view questions, rotate the camera, and add filters.

Step 5: end streaming

  • Once you’re doing, tap Finish in the upper right corner. An opaque screen will appear over the image; this tells you that the live video has ended. You can then save the video, delete it, or share it with IGTV.
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