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What is SSB Full Form

SSB Full Form: Services Selection Board

The Services Selection Board (SSB) evaluates candidates for officer positions in the Indian Armed Forces. The board uses a defined protocol of examination method that includes personality, IQ tests, and interviews to assess the candidate’s suitability for becoming an officer. Written and practical task-based tests are also using in the tests.

An SSB is made up of a panel of assessors who are members of the Indian Armed Forces with specialties like psychologist, GTO Group Task Officer and Interviewing Officer. The SSB is a five-day assessment process.

There are several options for becoming an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. This is true for both civilians after 10+2, graduation, and post-graduation and serving military members. Except for army medical corps soldiers, everyone must pass the “SSB interview.” There is no limit to how many attempts you may make.

However, there are restrictions to how many times one may take examinations like the NDA/NA UPSC. The interview includes a battery of personality tests to determine the candidate’s fitness for induction into the armed forces. The exams assist the SSB in selecting applicants who possess officer-like characteristics, or “OLQs.”

The amount of commissioners available is unimportant to the Services Selection Board. Its sole job is to analyze and then provide recommendations. Before training and commissioning, successful applicants undergo a medical check and, if founds to be fit, are placed on a “merit list.”

Uses of SSB

The SSB (Service Selection Board) is an institution establishes by India’s Ministry of Defence. The Service Selection Board (SSB) is in charge of scheduling, organizing, and conducting the SSB Interviews for applicants applying to join the Indian Armed Forces. The SSB screens candidates for the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The SSB Interview is a five-day process that consists of two rounds of testing: stage I and stage II. This procedure will be carries out at the SSB Centers that SSB has authorized.

In the addition to the SSB Interview, there is an Intelligence and Personality Test. We have updated all of the information regarding the SSB Interview, including SSB exam changes, preparation tips and books, SSB Interview dates, and the SSB online method.

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Description of SSB

The Instrument Battery Test is a test that uses paper, pencil, and a machine. It is divide into two sections. The applicant must first listen to a briefing before interpreting the dials on an aircraft’s instrument panel. If the candidate does well, they will move on to the machine portion of the examination. The Sensory Motor Apparatus Test and the Control Velocity Test are two machine tests that assess a candidate’s coordination.

The tests are given in one sitting, and applicants are only allowed to take them once. The Indian Coast Guard is a branch of the Indian Ministry of Defense. ICG officer selection takes place in two steps, similar to SSB. The Preliminary Selection Board Exam, identical to the SSB screening stage, is the first part of the process. Psychological tests, group activities, a personal interview, and an assessor’s conference are part of Phase 2 of the Final Selection Board. Candidates who cut will be test subsequently.

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