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What is Software? – Definition, Types, Characteristics and More

What is Software? – Definition, Types, Characteristics and More


Software is a computer period that refers to a program or collection of computer programs and data, procedures, and manuals that enable you to perform various tasks on a computer system.

The term is usually using to refer in a very general sense to a computing device’s programs. However, software encompasses anything intangible in a computer system. And also, It is an English term that is accepting by the RAE and does not have a Spanish translation.

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What are the Types of Software?

In general, several types of software can be distinguishing, depending on their use or usefulness.

Software System

It is the program responsible for the execution of all applications necessary for the system’s correct functioning. It is often confused with an operating system, but it goes further as it also includes optimization tools, device and server drivers, and other components.

Programming Software

These are all tools that allow you to develop new software. Hence, they are usually not used by the end-user but by programmers. It includes, among others, the following:

  • Compilers (programs that analyze and execute other programs).
  • Translators (a program that “translates” various programming languages).
  • And also, Text publishing supervisor (create and modify text files, programming language, or source code).

Application Software

Application software is a program design to facilitate specific tasks for any computing medium, be it computers, tablets, or mobile phones.
Video games, supporting design software (such as CAD), software used in telecommunications, business, or educational applications are examples of this type of software.

What are the Characteristics of Software?

Consider the logical and intangible hardware of a computer. In other words, the concept covers all computer applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and image editors.

It is developing in different programming languages to control the behavior of the machine. These languages are composing of symbols and syntactic and semantic rules that define the meaning of their elements and expressions.

And also, The programming language lets programmers specify precisely what data the computer should work with.

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What is the Classification of Software by its Functions?

Because this description is so broad, there are many elements in a computer system that we might call software, so the distinction is common. One of the most mutual and widespread methods of differentiation is carrying out depending on each program’s function in the computer system.

Low-Level Program

It is not intend for user interaction and controls the electronic circuits of our equipment. It is fundamental to computer hardware recognition, and we find it in many ways.
And also, One of the most common forms we can find is our system’s BIOS (to which we dedicate a separate text).

Operating System

They are a set of programs responsible for managing the system hardware and providing an interface for communicating with the end-user of the specified system. Windows 8 and Windows 10 are the most widely used operating systems today.

It is the type of program with which most users interact. They are designing to solve problems encountered by users of the system directly. Adobe Photoshop can be an example of an application.

Background Tasks

It facilitates other programs’ work; they are a staging environment. And also, users do not need to interact with them directly.

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