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TOP 7 Reliable Online Tools for Converting Excel Files to PDF

TOP 7 Reliable Online Tools for Converting Excel Files to PDF

One of the world’s most popular spreadsheet software today is Microsoft Excel. This comes with many advantages as it can easily generate charts and tables for your figures and calculations. But when sending an XLS file to others, there’s a huge possibility that Excel viewers might display your content differently from the original one. This sometimes happens due to not every device having Excel installed, especially when it comes to other spreadsheet software platforms’ profusion.

On the other hand, PDF is a universal file format that can easily read to any device. Converting your XSL files to PDF files before sending them to any recipient is always essential. This way, they can view your content exactly to what you want to deliver. To help you look for reliable online tools, we have listed the best six online converter tools below.


PDFBear is our top pick because aside from the fact that it can be accessed for free, it also comes with a very user-friendly interface. This software is popularly known for providing many great features, including a functional XLS to PDF converter available on its online portal. It is a hassle-free tool to access and solve any concerns you have when it comes to converting your files.

Because of PDFBear’s streamlined process and secure software, there is no doubt why it is one of the top-notch tools today. They always make sure to convert Excel to PDF much easier and simpler for all of their users. On top of that, other PDFBear converter tools are also accessible, whether you want to convert Word to PDF, JPG to PDF, compress your files, etc.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Next on the list is also a great online tool that allows you to convert any file format to PDF, including Excel files. This has been known for providing total freedom to its users to create PDFs from scratch and easily edit existing documents, whether on your desktop or mobile devices. Aside from that, it is the best PDF software worth your investment, especially if you’re dealing with a bunch of PDF files every day.

Suppose you plan to edit your files after converting from Excel to PDF format again. In that case, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a superb choice as it comes with powerful PDF editing tools accessible today.

Soda PDF

Another reliable online tool available today is Soda PDF. This software comes with a full-featured PDF editor that you can access in both desktop and cloud-based apps. It is perfectly capable of converting your Excel files into PDF files and many other file types to PDFs as well.

This online platform’s interface is easy-to-use. The online tools are much the same as the downloadable software for desktops. If you’re going to opt for a Pro version, the price is very affordable. The only downside of this tool is that accessible extra features depend on our payment level.


Besides having cheaper software, the Foxit PhantomPDF is one of the top-notch PDF editors available today. One of the many tools it offers is an XSL to PDF converter. Plus, this software offers more than converting your excel to PDF files as you can set a custom option. For instance, you have the option to pick whether to convert a single Excel sheet or the whole workbook.

You can choose whether to pay for a one-time price or avail of their subscription (including ongoing updates). Accessing an online tool is already included in the package, but it is a basic desktop version.


This reliable tool can likewise allow you to convert Excel files to PDF files. The conversion process is always quick and accurate. Plus, PDF editing tools are its best feature, making it one of the top contenders for the best XSL to PDF converter. Although it’s not the cheapest option, it does include another great feature— batch file processing. There is also a free trial version available for download to check and test how it works.  PDFElement’s apps are accessible for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

Nitro Pro

This is a PDF editor and converter tool for your Microsoft Windows. But compared to other converters on our lists, Nitro Pro doesn’t offer an online version. This only means that you must install the software on every desktop computer before you can use it. Once you convert an excel document, expect that PDF table cells can be quite small, making it somehow difficult to work within this tool’s editor interface.

One advantage of using this tool is that you can do quick batch processing. You have the option to import multiple excel files and specify rules about the page size and image compression. After your documents are converted to PDF files, you can add new batch processing that creates metadata.


Smallpdf is always best known as an online converter tool that supports Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and JPG files. Yes, it offers a free version for single-file conversions. Still, the number of conversions you can do is very limited compared to the Pro version. There is an available app that you can download for your desktop, but it is only accessible with a paid account.

Even though Smallpdf offers features like merging, splitting, compression, eSigning, and password protecting PDFs, its PDF editing tools aren’t savvy compared to others. This software is a great choice if you’re only converting a one-off Excel to PDF files from time to time. Plus, it comes with 256-bit encryption, making it one of the most reliable and protected online converters today.


Excel spreadsheet is essential to most people today as it’s the best tool to use for quick and easy calculations. When sharing an excel file, the document’s content might change once your recipients view it, especially if you’re not using the same excel version. This is where PDFs play their role. With all the online tools accessible today, it will be much easier to do converting your files. You can check our top-picks above and their great features.

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