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Reasons Why Employer Branding is Important

Reasons Why Employer Branding is Important

An HR brand is no less important for an employer company than regular branding. This has an impact on the company’s recognition among candidates, as well as its standing in the labor market.

A good test is to ask teenagers: where would they like to work if they could choose any existing firm for this job? The answers are likely to be Google or Amazon, cutting-edge companies with a strong HR brand. There is nothing surprising in this: for example, Google has long established itself as a “dream company”: a film shot about the company (Interships, 2013) speaks eloquently about this, where the work of HR branding mechanisms is very clearly presented.

Of course, a strong employer brand is needed not only for giant companies and not only to attract young professionals. Your company also needs it, and if you have not yet thought about how the company looks through the eyes of your potential employees, it’s time to do it.

What is an HR Brand in general?

Let’s start by defining an HR brand in general.

Your company has a product. In principle, this product offers many benefits over its competitors. These benefits are useful to your customers. As a consequence, they have come to depend on you for purchases. Every year, however, there are more enterprises on the market with identical specifications, working conditions, and pay. There are two problems before you. First, your product must become better, and you must become faster and stronger than your competitors. Competitiveness is provided by the employees of the company. This leads to the second problem: the lack of personnel who are just faster and stronger than those that work in neighbouring firms.

You are faced with a new challenge: to promote your company in the labour market. This is the same “product,” except that it is geared toward potential applicants, necessitating close collaboration.

Even the statement “Come to the Dark Side – we have cookies” is an example of an employer brand in a figurative sense. In other words, give a clear answer to the question of why it’s still good and pleasant to work for you for N-th amount per month. Employer branding services are often used to make the process of developing a branding strategy more efficient and quicker.

HR Brand Vectors

The employer brand has two vectors: external and internal.

The external vector is aimed at potential employees. It lets you know what to expect from your job. What contributes to this?

  • Maintaining company pages on social networks, filling content and relevant information: highlights the results of the work of the internal vector.
  • Creating information occasions, writing news about what is happening in the company.
  • Development of joint branding events with other companies.

The internal vector is to work with personnel, i.e. with those who already work for you. This:

  • Development and implementation of projects aimed at broadcasting corporate values ​​and increasing employee loyalty. Yes, it is not enough to promise a free massage at the interview – you also need to do it. Preferably by a professional
  • Development of a framework for informing staff, as well as good communication within departments.
  • In terms of HR branding, the creation of an Internet portal (company blog) and specialized sections on other sites.
  • Writing news, newsletters, articles about activities and events related to the HR brand.
  • Organization of various corporate events.

Reasons Why Employer Branding is Important

Benefits of a strong HR Brand

The major purpose of developing a great HR brand is to recruit skilled staff to the organisation, including both young brilliant individuals and seasoned experts with decades of experience. What advantages will it bring?

  • Candidates themselves will line up for an interview with you – which means that the chance to select the best specialist from the best increases;
  • Employees realise the value of their workplace. They strive to remain in the company’s top positions or advance up the corporate ladder.
  • Employees are more motivated and proactive. They understand that without self-development and movement there is nothing to do here: the company will easily select a new specialist for itself.
  • The company needs less expenses for training, training and retraining of personnel.
  • Decreased staff turnover.
  • A positive image of the company is formed in the labor market. For applicants, it will be a significant achievement to have a line in the resume with the name of your company.
  • There is a positive general atmosphere that reigns inside the office: employees are satisfied with working conditions, they share the same values ​​already with their company and colleagues.

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