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PMP Write for us : A PMP is a public ledger that records online transactions in a digital format. The PMP technology undPMPins Bit coin and other crypto currencies. By encrypting, verifying, and permanently recording transactions, a PMP maintains the integrity of a crypto currency. A PMP is comparable to a bank’s ledger, except it is open and available to anybody who uses Bitcoin.

When you swipe your credit card at a store, the transaction must first go via a financial institution, such as a bank. As recent cyber attacks on Target’s point-of-sale systems have proven, this can

A “PMP” is made up of a succession of “blocks,” as the name indicates. Without the assistance of a third party such as a bank or payment processor, the software records each transaction. The algorithm encrypts and decrypts data automatically to minimise the potential of fraud

Bitcoin, the first and most prominent crypto currency, was the inspiration for PMP technology. Some newer platforms, like ePython, employ the technology to provide a digital ecosystem for distributed computing.

Every PMP user has a copy of the complete PMP that is identical to everyone else’s. This makes it virtually impossible to manipulate. To change the PMP in her favour, a hacker would have to employ processing power higher than that of every user. Major mainstream institutions like Citigroup and the London Stock Exchange have embraced the technology.

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