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PDFBear: The Ultimate PDF to Word Converter

Simple office tasks such as converting pdf to word documents but in huge volume can be tedious and time-consuming. Slowly drowning in a pile of documents to convert is not a good scenario to let oneself in. Especially when you don’t have the proper converting tools, it will become a dilemma. Some PDF converters are a bit expensive too. This is also another concern. Often, it is hard to access a converter app unless you subscribe to it fully. End-users of some converting tools also experienced having difficulty navigating the tool for it to function. There are also instances that other converting tools have a maximum file size. If it exceeds, then there’s no way you can convert your file. These drawbacks slow down your work performance and are not efficient at all. The ultimate solution for this is to find the right converting tool that will satisfy your needs. Hence, finding it might be a little tricky but search no more. PDFBear might be what you are looking for.


For any tool to be effective, it must be easy to use. Mind-boggling tools consume so much of your time, making you less productive. This is especially important when you have massive documents to convert. You cannot afford to waste time figuring out how a conversion tool works. The good thing is that PDFBear has simple ways to transform files like pdf to word quickly. It has provided four easy-peasy steps. First, select or drag and drop the files to the converter. The file will be scanned pages of the document. It will then do the conversion. Depending on your internet speed, the newly formatted word document is ready in a short period. It doesn’t need you to be tech-savvy just to do some conversion of documents with these easy steps.

Limitless Storage Capacity

Having a huge storage capacity is vital for a conversion tool. It will be most convenient for users, and there is no need to delete old files to be able to do another conversion. It saves up more time and is more productive. The PDFBear pro version has unlimited storage. It can keep different files in various formats. Aside from word, this tool can also store and convert jpeg, png, excel, and PowerPoint files. Having infinite storing capacity is advantageous, particularly to a huge company with massive files. It will be less of a concern where to keep the file and safeguard them. It is amazing to know that it can download and upload bigger size documents.

Free to Use Online

This conversion tool offers two versions. One is the pro version, where you need to subscribe to use other excellent features. The features included are unlimited data storage and data security. The second one is the free version. As it has no installation required, you can use PDFBear online for free and hassle-free. It doesn’t need to sign up or create an account to be able to convert files. With this, you can enjoy using the basic functions of the tool. This is helpful for students, individuals, and small organizations that prefer a cost-free PDF converting tool.

No Installation Needed

Oftentimes, many apps are specially created for certain operating systems only. They are usually to be purchased as well. This gives limited access to potential users. In a company-wide setting, team members might not be able to access the converter bought if each device’s operating system is not the same. Likewise, it will harder to send and transfer files from personal computers to handy devices such as phones if the operating system doesn’t match. However, PDFBear is designed to be widely available for any operating system. It is compatible with Mac, Linux Machine, and Windows. There’s no installation required to convert PDF to word document. It doesn’t consume storage capacity on your devices as you can open the tool online.

Superb Quality

Solid-Framework supports this converting tool. It is a licensed Software Development Toolkit (SDK). SDK technology can scan a printed document and recreates it as a word document. It is the most reliable technology to use when converting files. PDFBear also uses Optical Character Recognition technology. OCR system enables a converting tool to recognize handwritten or printed text characters in digital images of the scanned documents. Its basic process is text recognition. It examines the text from the document and translates the characters into code for data processing.

High Security

Documents contain confidential data. Data is a significant asset to an organization. It must be protected at all costs. There are many issues regarding the hacking of confidential data. Uploading documents online can be a threat to data security. PDFBear values data protection. It has a complex encryption system that will safeguard your crucial data. In a pro PDFBear version, it offers free storage of converted pdf files. This serves as a way to back up data and is accessible online. Access to cloud-based files is only limited to the users who have the login credentials. Thus, a quality security process is assured.


PDFBear has exquisite technical features. It is well-designed to cater to the needs of end-users. It is a very easy tool to use. No brainer needed. Conversion can be done quickly. Unlimited Storage is a great advantage as it will not require the deletion of other files. It has two versions. One is pro which has many useful features and with a subscription fee. The other one is the free version which doesn’t limit users to convert files for free. Since the app can be accessed online, you no longer need to download and install it. This saves more storage on your devices. Quality-wise, this tool has high standards. Solid-framework supports it. More so, it has an Optical Character Recognition system. It is for more accurate recognition of the details written and printed in the documents. With that, it can precisely convert the data to word. Using PDFBear, document conversion will be a smooth process.

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