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How to Optimize Facebook Ads to Skyrocket Sales?

How to Optimize Facebook Ads to Skyrocket Sales?

How to Optimize Facebook Ads to Skyrocket Sales? – One important metrics that social marketers track over Facebook is the conversion rates. Generally, the conversion refers to a point in which the user converts from the browser to buyer, and with a limited Facebook ad budget, you can get generate leads. When you want to improve your conversion rate, it is important to do proper research on your audience. Doesn’t matter the amount you need to invest in the ad campaign, begin by ensuring that you are targeting the right customers. You have to show in the news feed or social networks will not help you.

Choosing the Right Bidding

Facebook runs the auctions and selects the best ads based on the performance & bids. It means that you have to choose the suitable bidding for your online business. In recent years, the bidding model of Facebook has now changed & became highly complicated. You have to decide what kind of results that you would like to optimize the Facebook ads for. Every target campaign offers you various options to choose from.

Optimize Facebook ads’ shares and likes

The shares and likes under the Facebook posts or ads are the pure types of social proof. Suppose others like an ad, it means the product should be very good. While setting up the Facebook ad campaign, there are two options, the default being: make new ads for each ad set & campaign. Often, “Use Existing Post” goes unseen. But, it is the most efficient method of optimizing the ads’ likes & shares.

Define conversion event

Before trying to convert anybody you must have a clear sense of what action you would like the people to take just after your ad. The types of conversions that are supported by Facebook include: add to the wishlist, view content, initiate checkout, as well as purchase. You can create the custom conversion events in case you have any other goals in your mind. Never expect just one ad for serving your conversion goals. You can create separate ads for every goal, think about where the goals fit into your consumer journey as well as target accordingly.

A/B test your creative ideas

Another important part of Facebook post optimization is to find out what works out for you. What is the better way of discovering the new and best-performing ad, messages, and audiences than running the Facebook A/B test? While looking for the Facebook A/B testing, know which ad element can have the highest effect on CTR &conversion rate.

Leverage Influencers for optimizing the Facebook ads

The next best way of optimizing the Facebook ad is repurposing the influencer-generated content. Content created by the influencers is highly relevant, authentic as well relatable than the business’ content that will tend to be promotional and sales. This content can help you to get the attention of potential customers as well as connect with them very easily. You may use the influencer-generated content for boosting the effectiveness and impact of the Facebook ads just by helping you to generate higher-quality traffic, improve engagement rate, as well as increase social media followers.

Include direct CTA

As conversions are about motivating the actions, a strong CTA is very important. Strong verbs such as start, find, discover, as well as explore are good if the conversion goal is having users visit your product page and learn more about your business or brand. Suppose your goal is driving purchases and subscriptions, stay direct with the phrases such as “buy now” and “sign up.”


When rightly used, there’re a lot of benefits of using Facebook Ads in marketing strategies, such as helping you to generate quality traffic and profit.

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