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All About OnePlus – OnePlus One Quick Fact, Related, and More

All About OnePlus – OnePlus One Quick Fact, Related, and More


OnePlus Phones a Company History of the Entire Line So Far. In late 2013, two former Oppo employees started a brand new smartphone called the OnePlus.

Their vision was to make OnePlus phones the devices that every Android fan box ticked off needed: great design, powerful specs.

Faster and more efficient than software, and a low price. The dream came true in 2014 with the launch of the OnePlus One.

Since then, OnePlus has moved from its humble beginnings as a single online smartphone maker niche to a literal global powerhouse. When you take a step back and realize that it has only been six years, it is a real achievement.

With the new OnePlus phones’ launch just around the corner, we thought to put a full story on each of the significant Plus devices. From the OnePlus One to the OnePlus 7T Pro, they are all here.

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Editor’s Note:

  • To keep things concise, we’ll be sticking to the base OnePlus phones. Some of the company’s not unique devices have subtle variants to get you too long.

OnePlus One:

  • The OG it won’t be surprising if every smartphone brand that started in 2014 has brought up the OnePlus One in meetings as an example of what they want to do. You couldn’t ask for a more successful launchpad for a brand. Simply put, all future Plus phones will be forever compared to this One.
  • All in all, the One was not too different from other Android phones of its time. However, there were a couple of things to set them apart. The first is the software, which launched Android-based Cyanogen OS, which forked off the popular custom ROM known as CyanogenMod.
  • However, Cyanogen OS is slim and developer-friendly, appealing to Android veneers and general users who appreciate a glut of data in a free experience.


  • The Original OnePlus One Android Authority Review. Another unique aspect of them was the price. The phone started at just $ 299, which was incredibly cheap because it came with the latest Snapdragon 800 processor.
  • When you combine that with the excellent design of the device (that from Sandstone again!) You had a 2014 Android for the machine enthusiast’s dreams.
  • When it was first launching, Plus took an unorthodox route of selling through an invite system. To buy the phone – which could only be purchased online – you need a single-use, invite code.
  • The company planted out a small batch of original codes to prominent members of its small community. After you buy the One with those people’s principles, then get a new invite code that you could share. We invite codes then becomes a unique invite code and where it would go.
  • While this left a lot of frustrated early fans, it had two incredibly positive effects for the OnePlus: it helped balance supply and demand for the company’s little ones, as well as building buzz for the device. We invite you to the code system ensured that if you own an OnePlus One, you were someone.

OnePlus One Quick Facts:

  • The OnePlus One launched with Android 4.4.2 KitKat and its official ending of the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update.
  • Although the One launched with Cyanogen OS as Android skin, problems with Cyanogen, Inc. forced OnePlus to stop looping and create its skin. Hence, Oxygen OS was born, making the OnePlus One a unique device with two different official coats from entirely other sources during its lifespan.
  • On several occasions, Plus put the Uno up for sale without the need for a code invite. For example, the company temporarily lifted the invitation system for the 2014 iteration of Black Friday.
  • Since the company started in December 2013 and launched its first phone just a couple of months later, Oppo is supposed to supply Plus with resources to help it along. However, Plus continually denies that it is an Oppo affiliate and downplays Oppo’s possible involvement in its R&D activities.
  • In 2014, the phone price started at $ 299, or around $ 327 in 2020 dollars.

OnePlus Concept One, the first of a new family

  • Concept phones aren’t new to Android. The companies launch small ordeals to the market to see how they react and, in fact, on many occasions, these concepts end up marking strong design lines (mobiles without frames, curved screens, etc.). From OnePlus, they confirm the presence of the Oneplus Concept One for the CES in Las Vegas 2020.
  • It is striking that OnePlus clarifies that this Concept One is the first of a series of devices, which lets us fall that there will be more concept phones
  • They do so, taking advantage of their sixth anniversary, and with the objective, as they tell us, of showing the company’s technological commitment and alternative design.
  • It is also striking that they clarify that this will be “the first of a series of devices,” which lets us read between the lines that there will probably be more than one concept phone in the next OnePlus launches.
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