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NFT Games To Play And Earn From In 2022

NFT Games To Play And Earn From In 2022

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NFT games are becoming more popular nowadays. If you want to get in on the action, here’s a guide to some of the most popular games in the industry.

In mid-2021, NFTs started to gain popularity. They’re taking over the world of gaming and tech and continuously getting more attention. But, what are NFTs? How are they connected to the gaming industry?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique and non-interchangeable digital assets stored on a blockchain. Unlike cryptocurrency, NFTs are one-of-a-kind and can’t be exchanged like-for-like. They’re almost treated as collector’s items, which is why they’re suitable for gaming. NFTs can be represented as consumables, characters, and other tradeable items.

What Are NFT Games?

What Are NFT Games?

Most NFT games have a “play-to-earn” structure. They are platforms that allow players to earn rewards and profits by playing the game and trading in-game assets. Content developers can monetize their creations on these platforms, and players can earn cryptocurrencies. You can play these games on mobile or PC. So, whether you’re using an Android phone or a refurbished MacBook Pro M1, there are multitudes of games you can participate in.

How Do NFT Games Work?

The game uses NFTs throughout the gameplay, from the rules to player interactions. For example, NFTs can represent your unique avatar and digital items. You then trade your NFTs with those of other players to earn a profit.  The value of the NFT will depend on its use and rarity.

Behind the scenes, blockchain ledgers authenticate the unique digital collectibles during the trade-off. Developers apply smart contracts that outline how the NFTs will function within the game. The contracts are stored on the blockchain. Then as the trading happens, the transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

Popular Nft Games

As the NFT industry grows, more and more gaming platforms emerge. Here are several popular picks you can try making a profit from.

1. Axie Infinity

A digital pet universe, Axie Infinity allows players to trade, raise, and battle fantasy creatures known as Axies. The game is reminiscent of early Pokemon games, which can be why it’s so popular. Last August, about 1.8 million users logged in to the platform; 40% were based in the Philippines.

Axie Infinity is developed on the Ethereum blockchain. As players collect and breed Axies, they can trade these creatures on any Ethereum NFT marketplaces. However, before you start playing the game, you need to have at least three Axies. To breed a new Axie, you need a certain amount of Axis Infinity Shard (AXS) tokens, which you have to pay for.

2. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is the first blockchain game to top 100,000 users, making it one of the most popular NFT games globally. As of December 2021, Alien Worlds has around 760,000 users. Its developers launched Alien Worlds Missions on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the original game’s success.

The game is a metaverse with seven planets. Players earn Trilium, the in-game currency, through mining, going on quests, battling other users, and receiving digital rental income. NFTs in this game are digital items such as avatars, which players can use to battle, and tools for mining.

3. Farmers World

An NFT game on the WAX blockchain, Farmer’s World is a farming simulation game where players can select suitable tools, use various resources, and buy land to build farms and harvest crops. Through these farming activities, players can get NFT items and mine in-game tokens such as Farmers World Gold (FWG), Farmers World Wood (FWW), and Farmers World Food (FWF). You can buy and sell these tokens on decentralized exchanges.

4. Splinterlands

A digital collectible card game, Splinterlands was launched in 2018 on the Hive blockchain. The game has a collection of cards depicting various monsters with different abilities and stats. Players can use these cards to battle other players. They can also buy, trade, and sell their NFTs.

To start playing Splinterlands, you have to buy a starter pack of cards. Then, set up a Steam account to unveil the cards you purchased. When you buy your first stack of cards, there’s a chance that you get rare ones. If ever you get cards of the same type, you can combine them to boost their power. Alternatively, you can sell an identical card for cryptocurrency.

5. The Sandbox

In The Sandbox, players can build their own game, own land, and play games. It’s similar to Minecraft or Roblox, just on the blockchain. The Sandbox has various tools to create and customize objects with. After making such objects, you can sell them in different markets. You can also partake in many roles, like a game decider, collector, artist, or just a gamer who hops from one game world to another.

The Sandbox is powered on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the Sand cryptocurrency, an ERC-20 coin. You can use these in-game tokens to buy different products in The Sandbox. As you do, you can earn LAND tokens, the highest valuable asset in the game.

Recreation And A Decent Source Of Income

NFT games are changing the gaming industry. They aren’t brutal to play as they come in different genres, from alien pets to card collections. So, it’s easy to find one you’ll enjoy earning from.

However, you should know that profit from these games will never be consistent. Aside from investing your money, you also need to invest your time by finding strategies and putting in the work.

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