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A computer monitors is a display device that shows data in graphical form. The visual display, electronics, housing, and power supply are all common components of a monitors. In current monitors, the display device is usually a thin film transistor liquid crystal display with LED backlighting, which has replaced cold-cathode fluorescent bulb backlighting. A cathode-ray tube and certain Plasma (also known as Gas-Plasma) displays were utilized in previous monitors. VGA, Digital Visual Interface, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, low-voltage differential signaling, or other proprietary connections and signals are used to connect monitors to computers.

Computer monitors were originally used for data processing and television sets for entertainment. Computers and displays have been used for both data processing and entertainment since the 1980s, and televisions have included some computer capabilities. Television and computer monitors aspect ratios have shifted from 4:3 to 16:10, and now to 16:9.

Modern computer displays may simply be swapped out for traditional television sets, and vice versa. However, because computer displays do not always contain integrated speakers or TV tuners such as digital television adapters, using a computer monitors as a TV set without the need for extra components may not be viable.

Early electronic computers were equipped with a panel of light bulbs, the status of which indicated the on/off state of a specific register bit within the computer. This allowed the computer’s developers to keep track of the machine’s internal condition, and the panel of lights became known as the ‘monitors.’ Early monitorss were rarely chosen for programmed output since they could only display a limited amount of information and were highly transitory. Instead, a line printer served as the principal output device, with the monitors’s function confined to monitorsing the program’s progress.

A liquid-crystal display (LCD) is a flat-panel display or another electronically controlled optical device that employs liquid crystals and polarizer’s to modify light. Liquid crystals do not directly generate light, instead of relying on a backlight or reflector to create color or monochrome pictures.

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