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What is LAN (Local Area Network)? Definition, Use, Topology and More

What is LAN (Local Area Network)? Definition, Use, Topology and More

Definition – Local Area Network (LAN)

LAN stands for Local Area Network. A computer network is a complete up of computers (computers), peripherals, and other connected devices to share their resources. Computer networks can be classified in different ways depending on how they are connected, the relationships between elements, and other problems.

Among computer networks, there is the so-called LAN, an abbreviation for local area networks. These networks connect computers that are in a small physical space such as an office or building. The connection is complete by cable or waves.

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The computers connected to the LAN are called nodes. Therefore, each node is a computer. Thanks to the network, users can exchange documents and even frequently use specific peripheral devices such as a printer. The benefits of installing a LAN in a company or even at home are numerous. For example, when sharing a printer, each user does not need to own their device, saving a lot of money.

On the other hand, the ease of access to documents hosted on any node on the local network is useful when working together. The data transfer speed in a local network is much higher than over the Internet. There is usually more than several times the number of devices connecting computers or other devices in a building.

For example, it’s okay to use a router capable of up to 300 mbps download speed (megabits per second, equivalent to 37.5 megabytes per second), even to use services that don’t exceed 12 mbps. In this case, although each node could download data from the Internet at a maximum speed of 12 Mb / s, if the user wanted to access files on the local network, he could get them at a theoretical maximum rate of 300 Mb. / s, 25 times faster.

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What is the Use of Local Area Network (LAN)?

The history of video games leaves a special place for the LAN because it is through this connectivity that computers have opened the door to a new way of enjoying themselves.

At first, this exceeded the limit of players who could compete or collaborate on the same game. Which was due to each console or computer’s capabilities and the creativity of the developers. Over time, it served as a new phase for the network of networks, the Internet.

While the LAN may seem like a reserved network for the business world, many players still take advantage of its opportunities to have fun with friends. Or even participate in the world’s most important tournaments, where Internet instability would be fatal.

As with other aspects of computing and electronics, experts consider many factors when setting up, optimizing, and maintaining their local area networks, from manufacturers and component models to the most remote software configuration details, so you don’t lose a single one—fractions of a second.

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What is the Network Topology of Local Area Network (LAN)?

Bus Network

The same cable (or trunk) connects to computers and allows data to be transmitting over a straight line, making it simple but susceptible to cable damage or traffic disruption.

Star Network

All computers are connecting to a dominant server that manages and distributes network resources on demand.

Ring Network

All computers connect to their neighbors through a unidirectional transmission, which interrupts the network in the event of a failure at any of its levels.

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