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Live Streaming Offered by Bookmakers

Live Streaming Offered by Bookmakers

When you hear the words betting and bookmaking, the first thing that comes to mind might be making money with your sports bet. But that’s not the only way to derive value from your bookie. You also can live stream selected sports and racing events. And, you can live stream using a web browser or via a mobile phone or tablet application. You can find out about streaming here.

As live betting becomes more popular, bookmakers are offering live streaming services as part of their platform experience. This allows people to place bets on live events, as well as use the bookie’s live streaming service to watch their matches and other sports events. The list of sporting events available on the streaming services may differ from one bookmaker to another, and from one country to another. Although such services are not directly payable by users to access them, bookmakers may require a bet placed on selected events in order to access the live streaming service.

What is Live Streaming?

With high-speed broadband and ever-faster processing speeds, live streaming is growing massively in popularity. No matter which sport you enjoy watching and/or betting on, you can now see it as it happens – without subscribing to a pay-TV service.

Bookmakers that provide live streaming add value to both beginners and advanced bettors. With a minimum of €5-10 deposit or merely by just keeping a positive balance, you can access popular sports like the NBA, IPL or the German Bundesliga.

The Importance of Bookmakers Offering Live Streaming

There are many betting sites now that are streaming live top-level sport and racing you can watch and bet on almost anything from anywhere you like. You don’t need to go to a betting shop or the pub to watch college sports, golf, soccer, etc. We have many sites that will stream live top-level sports and races you can watch and bet on almost anything from anywhere you like.

There are certain benefits of live streaming

  1. You can watch your favorite sports live.
  2. You can watch any live event for free by using the live streaming feature. Even if you don’t have a bet on the event!
  3. Betting on sports is no longer a dream come true. In-play betting, punters can watch how the event unfolds – and change their bets accordingly!

Example of free live streaming content from a bookmaker

You can watch free live TV from bookmakers, meaning there are no contracts or hidden fees involved. And, you can watch the game from start to finish without ever having to sign a contract. You can watch free international television like Tokyo, rugby matches and more.

How to be a part of the live stream marketing industry

Streaming services are starting to add betting features alongside their sports feeds, offering a way to increase engagement and open a new revenue stream in the process. Disney, DAZN, FuboTV, Sling, and others have entered the betting companion space or have expressed an interest in doing so in the US – and why wouldn’t they? Betting has long been synonymous with sport events.

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Traditional bookmaker offerings

Traditional bookmakers have typically differentiated themselves based on their markets, competitive odds, different bet types and customers bonuses. But in an era of digital competition, these legacy bookmakers are being overtaken by betting sites that offer new value-add services. You can now watch your favorite sport from any device, no matter where you are. You can follow your favorite sports on social media and from a smartphone. If you are not enjoying these services from your current sportsbook, then it’s time to shop around!

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