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What is Kahoot? – What is Kahoot for, Play a Kahoot, and More

What is Kahoot? – What is Kahoot for, Play a Kahoot, and More


Today we will talk about Kahoot !, a handy tool for teachers and students to learn and review concepts in an entertaining way as if it were a contest.

The most common way is through multiple-choice questions, although there is also space for discussion and debate.

Finding a game or application that adapts precisely to the theme of a class or group is difficult. That is why one of the main advantages of Kahoot! is that anyone can create the content for a game, be it, Visigoth kings, geometric bodies, or verbs.

All About Kahoot

  • Kahoot! is the name given to this social and gamified education web service. It behaves like a game, rewarding those who progress in the answers with a higher score. That catapults them to the top of the ranking.
  • Anyone can create a game board here called “a Kahoot!” If you want, you can test the types of triangles.
  • The different celestial bodies, or the road rules. There are no limitations as long as it fits into one of the four types of applications available today.
  • Once it is creating, other people must join it by entering a PIN code in the mobile app. In this way, the mobile becomes a remote control with which they can quickly answer the questions, while the screen shows the problem and who is winning.

What is Kahoot aimed at?

  1. Kahoot! It has been designed with educational purposes in mind, although it could very well be using only for entertainment. The idea is the same that we have heard so many times: learn while having fun.
  2. However, it is more of a reinforcement tool, as the questions’ nature is too short to go into too much detail. The good thing here is that the teacher – or the one who is controlling the game – can precisely control when it is passed to the next question so that he can pause to add the necessary explanations.

How Kahoot?

  1. Use Kahoot! It requires two very different parts. On the one hand, there is the test preparation, which will generally fall to the teacher. To do this, you need to create an account on Kahoot! in this link, a quick process that hardly takes a minute.
  2. Then you can create your first Kahoot! Which, as we saw before, can be of four types. Create a Kahoot! It is a simple process in which you have to follow the instructions. For example, to create a new test, you have to indicate its title, language, and, if you want, add its image.
  3. Adding the questions themselves is easy too. Click on Add question, write a title for the item, and the four available options. Don’t forget to check the box next to the correct answers, which can be several. When you have it, press Next.
  4. Repeat the process to add more questions, and when you are satisfied, press Save to save your Kahoot! You can always edit it later if you change your mind and include more items or change the ones you have already added.

How to play a Kahoot?

  1. First of all, the teacher or moderator must open the Kahoot! on a computer. It is merely a web page that is accessing through a link.
  2. If you have created the Kahoot! Yourself, you can go to your Kahoot list! Made and touch Play it.
  3. The teacher or moderator, the one who has opened the Kahoot! He is in charge of configuring the rules and the type of game. The main thing is to choose whether it will be a classic competition for everyone against everyone or teams.
  4. By tapping on Game options, you can adjust other options, such as whether the questions will be shuffling automatically or whether there will be a podium.
  5. When you have chosen the game mode, the game’s PIN code will be generated, displayed in large at the top of the screen. Now is when players can join the fun from another computer. It, with the mobile application for Android or iPhone and iPad.
  6. In the application, press Enter the PIN and enter the digits of the Kahoot! in progress. Press Enter, and the only thing left to join the game is to choose which nickname you want to use, which will be how the other players see you.

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What is Kahoot? - What is Kahoot for, Play a Kahoot, and More

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