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IFS Full Form: Meaning, Uses, Description

IFS Full Form: Meaning, Uses, Description

What is IFS Full Form

IFS Full Form: Indian Forest Service

IFS Full Form: One of the government’s three all-India services is the Indian Forest Service. The Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Police Service are the other two governmental services in the country. The All India Services Act, 1951, was passing by the Indian government in 1966, and it has established.

ServiceService executes the National Forest Policy to guarantee the country’s ecological stability by protecting and managing natural resources in a participative and sustainable manner. Service Service is in charge of the country’s National Parks, Tiger Reserves, Wildlife Sanctuaries, and other Protected Areas.

A Forest Service officer is entirely apart from the district government and has administrative, judicial, and financial authority in their territory. Forest Service officers are the only people who can hold posts like District/Divisional Forest Officer, Conservator of Forests, Chief Conservator of Forests, and others in the state forest department. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests. In each State, the Head of Forest Forces is the highest-ranking Forest Service officer.

Imperial Forest Service was established by the British Government in India in 1867 and operates under The Federal Government held power until the Government of India Act of 1935 took effect when it was devolved to the provinces. The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change is in charge of the Service’sService’s administration.

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Uses of IFS

Deployed in the field, IFS officers strive to conserve, preserve, and develop forests and wildlife to improve livelihood prospects for forest-dependent populations in rural and tribal regions.

Like the rest of the globe, our country is home to several unique plants and animal varieties that can only be found here. An IFS officer’s job is to guarantee that these plants and animals may stay, develop, and thrive in the natural habitat that nature has provided for them. The Indian Forest Service officers are responsible for any problems that arise in their daily lives.

The primary responsibility of an Indian Forest Service officer is to carry out the National Forest Policy. which strives to preserve environmental stability and ecological balance. We imply that the officers of various states and cadres safeguard the area’s safety and growing ecological concerns.

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Description of IFS

One of the three All India Services is the Institute of Financial Services. The test has held to select candidates for the Indian Forest Service. Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service are the other two All India Services.  

The Imperial Forest Department was formed by the British Raj in 1864. Dietrich Brandis, a German forest officer, was name Inspector General of Forests. In 1867, the Imperial Forestry Service was establishing as a subsidiary of the Imperial Forest Department.

Officers trained in Germany and France from 1867 to 1885 and at Cooper’s Hill. London, from 1885 to 1905, also known as Royal Indian Engineering College. From 1905 until 1926, Imperial Forestry Service officials were training at Oxford Sir William Schlich, Cambridge, and Edinburgh.

An IFS officer is essentially self-contain from the district administration, with administrative, judicial, and financial authorities in their area. The National Forest Policy, which aims to ensure environmental stability and ecological balance, is the IFS service’s major task.

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