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How Will Climate Crisis Alter Food habits and Food technology by 2050?

How Will Climate Crisis Alter Food habits and Food technology by 2050?

Food technology by 2050: The alarming risks of the climate crisis are on the rise. The rising scale of the world population with soaring obesity levels is dynamically affecting the planet. So, is there going to be a radical switch to our eating habits in the coming 30 years?

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According to the European Union, a climate emergency is a thing of now. Several countries have now come together to reverse the impacts before things get out of control. Countries like New Zealand and Argentina have even pledged to go carbon neutral by 2050.

Here’s how situations are impacting the climate crisis and what changes we can expect from us and the budding technological advances.

Food technology by 2050

  • Consistently growing population

The United Nation reports suggest that there will be a total of 9.7 billion populations on this planet by the end of 2050. This is an alarming 25% increase in the level of the current population. While stopping the population isn’t necessarily in the hands of the leaders, they will now have to come up with constructive ways to feed the ever-growing population.

  • Handling the obesity crisis

Food technology by 2050: Overconsumption of meat is not only affecting the world but is vehemently affecting the overall health of the population. Obesity is the key marker in that. The heightened risks and prevalence of obesity are further contributing to risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Since 1975, reports from WHO suggest that the rates of obesity have tripled, which means that the need for a solution is immediate.

  • Possible end of animal agriculture

Animal agriculture contributes to 14.5% of the world’s carbon emissions. If the leaders want to make suitable changes to the planet, don’t be surprised if most of the protein sources are derived from plants by 2050. And, with brands like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods growing in prominence, it isn’t surprising that things are going to change drastically.

  • Emerging food techs and trends

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There are a range of emerging food technologies and trends that are going to reshape the future. This will eventually transform our dietary habits as well. However, at this point, all you have to do is to wait and watch what changes.

  • Increase rate of lab-grown meat

Food technology by 2050: The sale of lab-grown meat has already been approved for sale in Singapore. These don’t involve traditional animal rearing and agriculture, thus reducing the rates of carbon emissions. With Singapore giving the green signal, it is not long before more countries follow their step and take through with the use of bioreactors for the production of meat. Several start-ups like Higher Steaks and Aleph Farms have tapped into the full potential in this market.

  • Switching out dairy and eggs

Not just animals for their meat, the impacts are also quite prone when it comes to dairy and eggs. According to the assumptions, by 2050 dairy-based milk will likely be given out. This will further be replaced with plant-based alternatives like oats, soy, and hemp. Nut-based milk is also going to gain popularity in the coming years. Moreover, even egg alternatives are coming in the foreground with brands like Eat Just and Evo Foods.

  • Cultivation of microorganisms

Sounds pretty gory, right? Well, the production of microorganisms is set to take the centre stage in the coming years. More and more cultivation of fungi, bacteria, and seaweed is likely going to happen in the years to come. They are going to be derived in abundance because they are protein-rich sources without integrated saturated fats in them.

  • Diet by 2050

The primary objective of the diet by 2050 is to create delicious and healthy foods for the population that is created in a carbon-neutral production. While some activists and advocates are pushing more and more leaders to urge people to switch to a plant-based diet, some are even pushing towards the mass consumption of plant-rich protein sources and also focus on reducing the risks of deforestation across the globe.

  • The prominence of 3D printing

While 3D printing is still in its budding stages at this point, the coming years have a lot more in store. Things are going to climb up a notch and will be used to replicate the textures and even the juicy aesthetics.

  • The popularity of personalised nutrition

Despite all the changes that the upcoming years are going to bring along, one thing that is going to gain further prominence is personalised nutrition. Wearable technology will also improve and boost at a molecular level, something that hasn’t been introduced well yet. Long gone will be the days of one standard meal in a family. People around the table will more prefer items that do well to their body.

Final words

By 2050, everyone’s goal is to witness the levels of obesity plummet and simultaneously witness reduced greenhouse gas emissions related to the food industry. Machines are going to be powered by AI technology and despite all the changes and transformations; nothing is ever going to compromise on the quality of food we eat.

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