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How to Stream on Twitch with OBS – Previous Requirements, and More

How to Stream on Twitch with OBS

How to stream on Twitch with OBS is the YouTube of video games, a video portal where you can watch live or recorded players worldwide.

Available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation and Xbox, Twitch is the ideal place to watch videos of our favorite games and, why not, share our games live or delayed with the world.

What are the Previous requirements?

  • Twitch allows you to broadcast games of up to 48 hours in length, but it is unnecessary to reach these limits for practical and health reasons.
  • Of course, a good internet connection will help the broadcast be of the best possible quality, especially if we want it to reach HD. The technical requirements can be found on the Twitch page for streamers.
  • To broadcast games on Twitch, we will have to activate this option in the Twitch Dashboard. Also, it helps a lot to have an Intel Core i5-4670 or AMD equivalent PC, 8GB of RAM, and at least Windows 7.
  • Twitch does not specify a specific graphics card, only that it supports DirectX 10. The more powerful it is, the more it will facilitate the task.
  • Regarding the necessary software for the broadcast, Twitch recommends several options, such as Open Broadcaster Software, Xplit, and Gameshow. In our case, we have opted for Open Broadcaster or OBS Studio, which is also compatible with Twitch and can be used to broadcast on YouTube.

Broadcast on Twitch with OBS Studio

OBS Studio has everything to be your broadcasting tool for Twitch. It is free, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is relatively easy to use, although there is a lot of material to solve our doubts.

Although there are many parameters to configure in OBS Studio, we only have to consider a few to broadcast games on Twitch properly.

First of all, the source of the audio and video. From the main window of OBS Studio, we can choose what to capture from Sources. In our case, we want to broadcast a game to a particular game, either a game installed on our PC or an emulated one (very practical for Android games).

In principle, OBS Studio should detect the source without problems once it is opened, in our case, a game.

The second step is to configure, from Settings, that we want to send the video signal captured from our computer to Twitch. We will have to go to Settings> Stream, select Twitch, choose a server as close as possible to our location on the map, and, finally, indicate our Stream key, which we will find in the Twitch Dashboard.

Another critical parameter to configure can be found in Settings> Output. It has to do with the broadcast or recording quality if we want to broadcast live or record and then upload the video.

Although the default values are valid, Twitch specifies that we must use x264 codec (H.264) and a recommended bitrate of 96kbps in audio (the maximum available is 160 kbps AAC).

The OBS Studio:

  • The default option is usually the most advisable for the video resolution ( Settings> Video or Configuration> Video). However, we can try to record to see how it looks at different solutions.
  • In case we want something more advanced, such as showing ourselves via webcam while we play, we must go to Scenes, to the left of Sources.
  • Where it is possible to create combinations to show, for example, the full-screen game and our image small. In Sources, we can also include the audio of the game and the microphone of our computer.
  • And that’s all to start with. Once OBS Studio is configuring, we can click on the Start Streaming button to start the broadcast on our Twitch channel or record the game on video and then upload it by clicking on Start Recording.
  • To check if we have configured the tool correctly and if the broadcast is correct, we can try to watch the broadcast from another device, thanks to the fact that Twitch is accessible from smartphones, tablets, computers, and game consoles.

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