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How to Start and Sell Your Blog for Profit: 6-Step Guide

How to Start and Sell Your Blog for Profit: 6-Step Guide

Blog for Profit: Blog for Profit: Flipping blogs is extremely popular nowadays and expert bloggers are building blogs from scratch and selling them for big money. If you are looking to join in on this lucrative trend, there are a lot of factors you need to consider.

In today’s article, we explore everything you need to know to successfully sell your blog for a significant profit. So, read below and write down our tips.

Starting the Blog

When starting a blog, the first thing you need to consider is the content you are going to publish. Setting up the blog is fairly easy with the help of third-party services available online. The content you create will determine the traffic and ultimately the price you can sell your blog for.

You can opt to write for everything but a jack of all trades is a master of none. If you specialize in writing lifestyle blogs, don’t tread into the world of cryptocurrency if you don’t have the required knowledge. The content you publish should always be plagiarism-free, unique, and full of value for the reader.

When selling content blogs, always look for reputable and secure online marketplaces where you can find brokers that will aid you in the selling process.

Have Clean Traffic

The first thing that the buyer will check, besides the written content, is where your blog’s traffic is coming from. Many bloggers opt for illicit ways to gain a lot of traffic when they are looking to sell their blogs fast. However, with a quick check, the buyer can see whether the traffic is based on an organic audience or bots.

Organic traffic is gained through original and high-value content. Another way you can successfully bring in a lot of traffic is through successful marketing. The platform where most of the audience comes from is probably going to be LinkedIn. So, you need a one-stop solution that can easily come in the form of a LinkedIn marketing funnel tool that allows you to invite a large number of people and send them personalized messages.


Of course, the more money your blog brings, the more money you can flip it for. There are many ways you can make money through blogs. You can run ads or work with marketing experts that specialize in search engine optimization.

Not stopping there, you might consider affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you promote products of companies and in return, you get a commission. For example, if your commission is $2.5 per sold product, if the company sells 400 products with your help, you can see net a profit of $1000.

In addition to that, you can offer services to your readers such as guides, courses and so much more. Don’t forget that you can always set up a donate option and that many bloggers make a profit by selling their own merchandise.

How to Calculate the Value of Your Blog

When calculating the value of your blog, a good rule of thumb is to take your monthly profits and multiply them by 24. So let’s say that your blog is making $400 per month, you can potentially sell it for $10.000 dollars or even more, depending on your negotiation skills.

If for some reason, your blog shows traffic inconsistencies, the buyer will definitely aim for a much lower price. It’s a good idea to keep proof such as screenshots of your monthly profits and your data analytics so that you can back up your claims during the selling phase.

Your blog’s value will also be affected by your current visitors and whether you are ready to part with them completely, especially if you had implemented subscription options and for that, you need firm contracts.

The Contract

The contract should be as transparent as it can be. The contract must be drawn up with the buyer and it should clearly state what they are buying.

You will also need to provide information about how payment will be made. Usually, the buyer will transfer funds into your account. As soon as your buyer transfers the funds, the blog is officially theirs and they can use it as they see fit while you can enjoy the profit.

Make sure to proceed with extreme caution during this process as a legal problem further down the line can prove very costly.

The Contract

Need Help Selling Your Blog?

As mentioned previously, if you aren’t experienced in the blog flipping business, you should always consider consulting a broker. A broker will make sure that both parties are perfectly satisfied with the blog and with the transaction.

Final Thoughts

Building a blog from the scratch and then selling it is not an easy task, but, nowadays very common. Use our guide to create the perfect blog and then sell it the right way with the help of experts.

Think long and hard before you commit to a sale. Seller’s remorse is real and once you sign the contract there is no going back.

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Review How to Start and Sell Your Blog for Profit: 6-Step Guide.

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