How to Set Up An Android Management System?


The Google-owned Android is the most popular and comprehensively used operating system in the world. Even corporations are moving more and more towards adopting this operating system for their applications and work devices to increase the productivity of their workforce. However, popularity comes with increased threats to security. However, when employees use the same devices to access and store both personal and business data, data security is compromised. To avoid this, a system was devised to protect business data from unauthorised access. This system is an android management system. An android management software helps to maintain the privacy of personal data and the security of the official data.

What is an Android Management system?

Android management system is software installed by the company to manage all the company’s Android devices remotely, in one place. Its primary purpose is to protect company data from any kind of threats like hacking, malware or data loss. The android management system and the right CRM system include automatic installation and security updates, security alerts, location tracking apps, geofencing, and much more.

Let us now look at how to install the android management software.

Steps to set up an Android management system

Following are the steps you need to follow to step up an android management system:

First and foremost, you need to get your company registered.

  • To get your company registered, you first need to go to the site  and enter your company’s name.
  • Set the desired security settings you would need on the company devices.
  • Choose apps you would like to install on the devices. These are automatically installed in your work profile once the system is set up.
  • After this, click on “Start Demo “ to review all your settings.
  • If you are satisfied, accept the terms and conditions and click on “Submit “.

After this, log in to your google account. The account should not be the one that has been already linked to the enterprise. Now, you will get two options. Choose the one that suits you:

  • If your device carries both personal and work data, then choose “I am using my own device and want to keep work and personal data separate .”
  • If your device only carries work data, then choose “I have a brand new device which I want the company to manage entirely. “

Next, the user of the device needs to enrol for the same. This is done by either generating a QR code to scan or by sending a link in the user’s mail to click. One thing to be noted here is that both of the above actions need to be done through the same device that has to be enrolled.  If the user tries to enrol the device through a computer, they are redirected to the android enterprise site, where a QR code is generated. The user has to scan the same to enrol their device.

Finally, after such a setup, users can easily switch between their work and personal profiles.

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With increasing modern threats to data security, a company needs innovative modern-day solutions as well. The android management app is one such solution, which, other than protecting data, helps detect the source of the breach. To conclude, the android management software is a valuable control system that all enterprises should consider.

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