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How to Manage an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy with Emails?

How to Manage an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy with Emails?

Digital Marketing Strategy with Emails: Entrepreneurs cannot stick to physical stores in a fixed location alone for a business to succeed. They need to evolve with the trends and reach out to potential customers worldwide. Email marketing management services makes this easy to do so. Nonetheless, just sending out emails is not enough. Successful entrepreneurs must always use effective digital marketing strategies to gain customers’ confidence. Let us look at the top highly effective email marketing strategies.

Short and Creative Subject Lines:

The majority of email subscribers judge an email based on the subject line. If it is interesting, they will open it. It ends up in the spam or trash mailbox if it is not. It might seem irrelevant, but having a short and creative subject line can greatly increase the chances for your enterprise to gain some solid revenue. Subjects with a one-liner of around 6-10 words are highly recommended. It sounds easy, but it takes a lot of creativity to create a one-liner that will make everyone open the email.

Optimize The Emails Before You Hit Send:

Most people prefer to check marketing emails while they are on the go. This trend means they view these emails on portable devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops. Your marketing emails must be optimized for each device not to appear broken and end up in the trash mailbox. Here are some tips:

  • Include an easily locatable CTA that can lead viewers to the website in a single click.
  • Keep the images small according to the screen size.
  • Place important text in the centre.

Segment your Readers:

‘One size fits all’ does not work for customers anymore. Segmenting your customers is an effective digital marketing strategy that will surely help the enterprise witness a boost in revenue. Customers can be segmented according to:

  • Sales funnel position: Customers receive emails according to their position in the sales funnel. This way, customers at the lowest position of the sales funnel (brand new customers) will not receive the same type of emails as customers on the top (regular customers) position do.
  • Demographics: Customers can also be segregated according to their age, gender, location, etc. This factor gives enterprises a better understanding of what the customers need. For example, a clothing brand will benefit from knowing their male vs female customers’ ratio.
  • Past purchases: Customers can also be targeted according to their past purchases. This criterion makes it easier for them to receive recommendations based on their preferences in the form of “since you bought x, you might like this too”.
  • Email engagement: Email engagement refers to the email open rate and emails click-through rate. This segmentation criterion helps brands understand how many customers open their emails and visit their websites. Marketing emails with a low open rate should be redone for the digital marketing strategy to be effective.

Give away occasional Discounts and Freebies:

Promotions in the form of freebies and occasional discounts are a great way to earn more revenue and gain new subscribers. Customers are always on the lookout for cheaper deals and freebies; they tend to appreciate businesses that do promotional giveaways even more. They may be willing to give you their email address as well!

However, do remember always to include the following:

  • An email address to reply
  • An unsubscribe button.

While you might wonder why you should include an unsubscribe button, it is the law in many nations. If customers are forced to receive marketing emails, they can sue the business in court. This button helps build trust as the customers will understand that they can back out anytime.

Reconnect with Inactive Customers:

Losing a bunch of customers is inevitable. This fact can happen when they become disinterested in your content and unsubscribe or redirect all your emails to the spam mailbox. However, this can be prevented till a certain point. These are some questions you need to answer before you attempt to reconnect with the lost customers:

  • How long have they been inactive?
  • How many abandoned carts have you been served lately?

These questions will help you formulate effective campaigns to win back inactive customers. For example, some brands opt for “We miss you” emails, whereas some do that and offer randomized freebies based on past purchase history.


We recommend testing these email marketing strategies as they can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. It will help you understand where your business lacks and how you can improve. Once you evaluate everything you need to do to succeed, you need to work on it. This approach will instill trust in the customers, and they will appreciate your brand even more.

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