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How To Make Your Pop up Shop Successful

How To Make Your Pop up Shop Successful

Pop-up Shop: A pop-up store is any temporary, one-time retail establishment used to promote the company’s main line of products or new items. It is most often in an easily accessible, high-profile area for convenience and foot traffic.

Pop-ups are most often found in malls and shopping districts, but unlike traditional shops, they do not need renting out for a length of time. It only takes the company a few days before closing up shop, never to return. Looking to make your pop-up shop work? Follow these tips for success.

Know Your Customer

Who you are selling to is more important than what you are selling. When someone pops in, do they know who you are and why they should buy from you? If not, it’s up to you to make them want to stay. Judging by the number of pop-ups that come and go, it seems like the answer is no. Know who your paying customers are and tailor your store’s offerings accordingly.

Forget About Trends and Be Flexible

Last summer’s crop top is this year’s mullet. The key to long-term success with pop-ups is to create a niche business that can stand the test of time.

Pop-ups are temporary, but that doesn’t mean they are disposable. Please make sure you collect customer feedback throughout the pop-up’s run and use it to make changes for next year. A successful pop up should also serve as a testing ground for innovations. Try new products, new formats, or encourage customers to try something new.

Be Easy to Find and Be Festive

Turn your pop-up into a mini shop by having a clear logo, business card, and website with an easy-to-find address. If possible, have an email contact so customers can contact you with questions or requests.

According to Lightspeed,”pop up shop ideas should always look like fun places to shop. Many shops take an uncute approach, which is a turn-off for customers. Create a welcoming, cozy atmosphere for customers to feel comfortable shopping in your store.

Be Visible and Make It Convenient

Post information about the pop-up on your website and social media accounts. You can even include an announcement in your next catalog.

The key to success with pop-ups is convenience. Customers should be able to shop, pay and receive their purchases quickly.

Stock Up and Be Social

Pop-ups are successful when you have a lot of merchandise for customers to browse through. Keep your inventory fresh by rotating out items as they sell.

Encourage conversations about the pop-up on your social media pages. Give customers a reason to talk about your business by offering promotions, contests, and behind-the-scenes sharing information.

Tie It in And Be Honest

Tie your pop-up into a larger event, such as a blog tour or online video. It will give your pop-up more exposure and give your customers a reason to visit you.

If sales are slow, be honest and communicate it to customers. It’s not the end of the world if you have to close early or shut down permanently after a short time.

Be Responsible and Put It All in Writing

Give customers great service every time they visit the pop-up. If it’s hard to do that, err on the side of over-delivering. The goal is to make a customer feel like you couldn’t possibly have given them enough.

Create a well-thought-out business plan and use it as a reminder of your pop-up’s purpose and target audience. Make sure everyone, from suppliers to employees, understands the plan and shares your vision for how this temporary shop will become a long-term success.

Pop-up shops are temporary businesses that can be as simple as a cardboard box. Success is as simple as knowing what your customers want and providing it consistently.

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