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How To Keep Your Earbuds From Falling Out Of Your Ears?

How To Keep Your Earbuds From Falling Out Of Your Ears?

“My earbuds just won’t stay inside my ears!”
“I hate it when I have to keep one hand on my earbuds while working out – just so that they don’t fall out!”
“Why can’t my earbuds just sit safely inside my ears?”

Does it sound like you? Well, you are not alone then!

There are a lot of people who just can’t keep their earphones safely placed inside their ears. With more and more people adopting tws earbuds or wireless earphones, these types of complaints have become a common occurrence!

Not because there’s an issue with these earbuds, but only because many people don’t pay much attention to the shape and size of their ears and buds.

Well, in this blog we will not only tell you about the importance of having a perfect fit but discuss a few things that can help you keep your best earbuds inside your ears!

Let’s start by getting to know why it is important to find the right fit in headphones?
As already mentioned, this will not only prevent them from falling out of your ears every now and then but will also allow you to enjoy an immersive listening experience. Bass will be deeper, sound effects will be strong and not have a “tinny” or “hollow” ring to them, and your audio will not be disturbed by excess feedback or outside noises.

The comfort of the perfect fit will allow you to wear them for as long as you want, without burdening or hurting your ears!

Overall, it will be a win-win for you!

Now let’s discuss a few things that you should be keeping in mind in order to achieve that perfect.

1. Wear them the right way!

‘But I am already doing that! Just like everybody else!”

Well, a majority of people (this includes our friends and the strangers we come across everyday) wear the buds of their headphones in a common way – that’s by inserting the earbuds directly into the ears which in most cases won’t be that much tight, especially when your buds are connected by a long wire that is again connected to your mobile phone or laptop! The solution is to basically loop the cord around your ear and then insert the earbud inside. In this case, you will have steadily fixed earbuds in your ears while your ears carry the cable tension!

And if you are going with wireless earphones, make sure that you follow the instructions included with them and experiment with different placements and wear them in the most ergonomic way for your ears.

2. Try stretching your earlobe

It might sound silly to you but this simple trick can solve your issue and make your day! Especially if your earbuds’ tips are made of foam, rubber or silicone, this can help get them safely placed inside your ear canal.

Just gently stretch your earlobe with one hand to open the ear canal while using the other hand to insert the earbud. Release the earlobe afterwards and your ear cavity will shape itself and form a tight seal around the earbud!

3. Stop cleaning your ears with cotton swabs

In case your earbuds have started to fall out recently and this wasn’t happening before, then most probably you have a buildup of earwax inside your ear canal. The wax is preventing your earphones to fit properly and is causing them to fall out easily!

Using a cotton swab will not completely remove the earwax, but will just push it further inside! This will on one hand damage your ears as well as prevent your earbuds from staying in their place!

Apart from these tricks, you can also try out some practical solutions like wearing an ear warmer when you are going out for a run on a cold chilly morning! This will not only keep your ears warm but will also restrict your earphones from falling out!!  Having discussed all the tricks, we would also recommend you to go for the in-ear wireless earbuds that come with ear hooks! They offer an added advantage when it comes to providing a secure fit!

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