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How to Get PUBG: New State on PC?

How to Get PUBG: New State on PC?

PUBG series came with another appearance on the 11th of November 2021?!!! Yes, it is. For the most recent times, the PUBG series has gained a broad sparkle in the battle royale fantasy world, although it was launched back more than four years ago. Several games invaded the obsession of the gaming world, but this PUBG is the only game that continued to get a whole new title that will be exclusive to the mobiles. Know more about pubg ucbc com.

What is PUBG: New State?

First of all, let’s clarify what this PUBG is: New State and why it has not been named PUBG; hence, it is not a sequel to the PUBG Series. This is a new battle royale game, and it only is available for either iOS devices or Android.

The significant difference between this game to the original is there are settings with futuristic elements on them. Although the consoles are equivalent in each game, the future elements will not be seen in the original PUBG series. The game is taking place in 2051, and there is a new map that we identify as Troi. There are many advanced perks and weapons in the game more than in PUBG Series.

PUBG: New State has managed to add some new features to its battle royale formula, which remains the same as the original. But know that none of these additions has damaged the traditional PUBG gaming experience, and it will be very much like the PUBG game that we already know.

As an interesting fact, PUBG: New State will have the developer as PUBG Studios, the maker of that previous original PC hit. So Tencent is not the one who is behind the game, and it is PUBG Studios. In so many ways, the PUBG mobile version has eclipsed the PC version in revenue as it gained the highest-grossing back in May 2020. So it proves that the original creators wanted more profit from this mobile playing game.

This will mean that the new PUBG: New State will be safe, and it is going to be operated on a vision where it will resemble the original release from the game.

No detail revealed the differences of PUBG: New State from its previous release, and with the recent test footage, there are some hints of the changes from this new release as follows.

  • All settings are seen today, and there’s a new map to navigate on a sprawling town with more natural areas and a mix from suburban.
  • The map is similar to the Miramar Erangel size as 8×8, and there are locations to search by players.
  • There will be three maps at the launch, and those are included with the most favorite map Erangel that was updated with more futuristic elements for a new state.
  • There are more futuristic new gadgets. It has been spotted in the gameplay reveal. And from the trailer, there are drones and combat shields like those in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3. And there are new vehicles included with the TRON like bikes

What is PUBG

Can you Play PUBG: New State on a PC?

PUBG: New State is releasing only to mobile platforms. So the answer is simply no. But still, you will not get the expected gaming experience when you play such an exciting battle royale game on mobile. On the other hand, a PC has way more added features to ease the combats and movements as there is a keyboard on it.

So for a mobile touch screen, you can replace it with a keyboard and a mouse. And the biggest advantage is the widest screen you get. Who wouldn’t love to observe the entire locations like PUBG: New State to explore all the elements on its maps? That will only be acquired through a PC and not by a mobile.

Since the game only has a mobile release, how can a player take gameplay from a PC? That is where the emulator comes. To play or run mobile apps for a desktop or a laptop, you need an emulator which will create an android operating system on your PC to run mobile apps smoothly.

LDPlayer, Andy, Bluestacks, Genymotions, Memu, etc., are the emulators you can see in the market, but among these, we highly recommend you use LDPlayer.

Can you Play PUBG New State on a PC

Why Choose LDPlayer and How to Play PUBG: New State on it?

Choosing LDPlayer has multiple reasons behind it as follows.

  • Battle royale games are rich with combats, and for that, you need better control and movements. When a game initially launches, it only has some default key settings to play the game, and as a beginner, you will have to practice them to be adopted on controls. But when you have your most favorite and the familiar key settings for the controls, this problem will not occur, and you can take the maximum benefits from combat action. So this feature is allowed you in LDPlayer as Keyboard Mapping Feature.
  • It is not taking charges from you, and this emulator is free.
  • Trusted by millions of global users
  • Easy customizations

Why Choose LDPlayer and How to Play PUBG


It’s time to have an ultra-mobile gaming experience with LDPlayer. Grab your chance and be a champ for PUBG: New State and the LDPlayer will be here to make it an amazing move for all the gamers.

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