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How to Engage Your Audience With Web Illustrations

How to Engage Your Audience With Web Illustrations

One can not simply deny the impact that illustrations have on businesses, and honestly life in general life, today.

The framework on which we base our social media lives and our consumer behaviour is driven by products being displayed on our phones and computers. It is a key factor for a business to gain a customer’s trust. This is proven by the fact that 94% of first impressions stem from visual-related content.

So, if you are in a business that needs you to have that edge, then this article is just for you. We will show you how to engage an audience using web illustrations.

But first…

Why Use Illustrations?

Illustrations are not just something that alleviates the aesthetic of your website.

If they are done right, they can become a legitimate source of popularity and website traffic, while also making your website easier to digest if your viewers came for a specific reason such as to check out your products or services. So, whatever is helpful to your customers will be helpful to you as well, and web illustrations offer a win-win deal. It is only right that you use illustrations yourself, and if you are not convinced enough, here is a scope of benefits web illustrations can have on your website/page:

  • Websites that have images in any shape or form can rack in more clicks and visits.
  • Having images on your website is not only for the aesthetic but also helps you rise the search ranks because those images will help distinguish the content of your website.
  • Illustrations help you bring some life into your website.
  • Social media favours pages with stunning images/pictures.
  • Illustrations give your customers and viewers an idea of what they are going into using easy to grasp visuals combined with text.

How to Engage Your Audience With Web Illustrations

1. Have a theme.

If you are in the shoes of your audience, then you will realize that they will gravitate towards a brand that seems familiar to them. This should be one of the main goals for your web illustrations, so creating a theme that can achieve that sense of familiarity from your customers should be first on the list.

You can create a theme by identifying which elements to your illustrations will be consistent throughout a number of illustrations that you post or publicize, whether it is a logo, a catchphrase, or a color palette that encapsulates your website. The same elements will help establish an identity for your brand, and having an identity will build more trust for your audience.

2. Be timely.

The digital world is all about keeping up to date with the news. With the plethora of ways that people can get around global affairs, people value something relevant and is up to date with the state of things. It is only logical because you as a marketer would also value the knowledge of what it is that concerns your audience

Your illustrations should reflect this awareness, adapting your designs or visuals with events that coincide with something in progress or may have happened recently. For example, the holidays can be a boost in morale and spirits, and emanating that same energy into your illustrations can help your audience connect with you even better.

3. Engage your audience with questions.

One of the most important ways to get people to acknowledge something is through awareness and stirring up some drama. We do not mean drama on a very large scale, but merely some tiny conflict within the confines of your product. Your audience will have opinions, so using this fact by conjuring up questions that cater to this aspect can be quite useful to your website.

Whether it is polling,  this vs that, or maybe random questions to get to know your audience a little better, there are several ways to get your audience to engage with your site on a more intellectual level, and audiences love a business that cares about their opinions.

4. Be humorous.

Today’s generation can be easily be swayed with irony and sarcasm. With social media being a haven for memes, funny videos, or just general horseplay, your audience can not help but try to find that same energy in your website as well. They can not be blamed though, because a good sense of humor helps establish affinity between marketer and customer, so a bond of trust can be achieved through a joke or two.

So, if you want to be able to connect with your audience more, try to incorporate humor into your illustrations from time to time. Whether it is wacky elements or some funny text, there are many ways to tug on their funny bone.

5. Be informative and helpful.

People value information, and when they have just arrived on a site they have no clue what it is about, then they will look for that information however they can. Infographics are one of the most popular forms of media all around the globe, so it is only right that you can guide your audience with visual aids that help fill their curiosity and let them know what your website is about or how they can navigate it.

For example, having an illustration on your landing page that depicts your prime products and the demographics that go along with them will immediately give a good impression to new customers, showing them what you and your website are all about.

6. Be original with your photos

You are not getting anywhere if you tend to use stock photography and images saved from google for your visuals. Relying on images that were taken not specifically for your website may look like it does not tie in well with the overall mood of your website, but it will also appear lazy and complacent. Having original images will help you look professional and separate you from all the other websites out there.

You can customize images you captured or made on an illustration or even have a separate group of people pool photos and credit them on your website. The point here is that if you want to establish a clear story, then you can only do so with original graphics.

7. Start SEO.

Engaging with your audience does not only entail posting illustrations on your website or writing the best captions. Sometimes it all depends on how you manage your SEO or search engine optimization. Using the images the right way will help search engines categorize your content. Usually, websites without any images will only pop up on the web search results. Still, if you have images, given that you put the right captions and metadata, your website can also appear on the images portion of the web results. This can help multiply the chances that your website will found and clicked on, so you can not neglect the responsibility of fixing your SEO before uploading that illustration.

8. Use online editing tools.

Online graphic editings are crucial if you want to post quality illustrations while also saving some of your time. If you wish to crop, increase an illustration’s contrast, or even make an image pixelated, graphic editing tools do the job quickly and flawlessly.

With all the editing tools, your creative qualities can go wherever they want to. Partnered with an easily digestible interface, working with one can be a leisurely and fun experience. Plus, your prowess in graphics does not matter here, because an online editor’s interface is direct and simple enough to guide any novice in design to be able to come up with a design of their own. Limitless colour palettes, minimalist and complex preset, hand-crafted templates, the possibilities never end.

There are many things to do when it comes to editing your illustrations, designs, or photos. Whether to crop, remove backgrounds, or make an image pixelated, an online tool can do all these things in a snap.

Your turn…

This article shows just how much of an impact web illustrations can have on the overall performance of your website. Illustrations have the power to make customers stay on your page for longer rather than skip it immediately. We hope the article also showed you the many things you can do to master web illustrations and how you can implement them into your business plans. Engage your audience with web illustrations. Be attuned with the identity of your website and, by extension, the energy you will be able to pour into your product or service.

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